There have been so many great Xbox One and Xbox 360 stories this last week that it’s going to be pretty difficult to narrow it down to our favourite few. We will however give it a go.

We’ll start with a new release or two with both Child of Light and The Amazing Spider-man 2 releasing on Xbox One and Xbox 360. We’ll have both reviewed for you in the coming week but a little heads up….YOU MUST BUY CHILD OF LIGHT whilst Spidey fans will no doubt love his latest title, even if it doesn’t quite look the greatest thing ever. Graphics aren’t everything though!

child of light banner

If however you’re not looking to fork out on any new games at the moment, you could do worse than check out the first of the Games With Gold titles for May. Dust: An Elysian Tail is now available as a free download to all Xbox Live Gold members and well worth a look if you like your role players. A 2d tale with gorgeous hand painted levels, take control of Dust as you run through numerous quests and battle dozens of enemies in an attempt at uncovering your own past. It’s currently running with a reasonably high 83% on Metacritic and the fact it is now free means it should warrant a download.

We also brought you reports about a few games that are still to be released. Pre-order bonuses and a new gameplay trailer for Destiny were the hottest of topics at the beginning of the week and if there’s one developer who knows how to handle this kind of stuff it’s Bungie, with Destiny looking like it could be something special when it releases in September. Later on in the week we heard rumours and teases with regards to this new game that noone has ever heard of before, Call of Duty. The first teaser trailer indicated that we wouldn’t be hearing any major details until early next week but due to a number of leaks, Activision got busy and threw out a lovely reveal trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It’s Call of Duty for a new era, a more advanced era and it looks like COD will soon be back in everyones firing line. A third upcoming game that is currently on everyone’s lips is Watch Dogs and we told you more about the Season Pass that could well beat all other season passes into the ground!



And then we have a little bit of news coming from Xbox themselves.

Xbox Originals plans to bring premium dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, unscripted shows, and live events to both your 360 and One this coming summer. With some hot Hollywood talent and the likes of Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott on board, you can expect much more from your console than just games over the next few years. It’s all TV, TV, TV but we aren’t complaining about that for one single second!

Aside from Originals, Xbox (well MajorNelson to be precise) dropped a few hints of what you can expect to see in the next Xbox One system update. It seems to be a bit of a smaller scale update from that of the last few months but the addition of a sound mixer for Apps with Snap and volume controls when using Kinect with chat sound like good add-ons to us. If you’re part of the preview scheme then you can expect to see this hitting your console VERY shortly, otherwise you’ll need to wait until the bugs have been ironed out.


Finally for this week, we’ve been bigging up Habitat and it’s Kickstarter campaign for a little while now. We’re pleased to say that the guys at 4gency have met their funding target and that means Habitat will be making its way to Xbox One. We managed to grab a quick Q&A interview with the main guy at 4gency, the game designer and idea maker, Charles Cox and we’re pretty darn happy about it!

As usual, we’ll catch you next week for another edition of A Week In The Hub….unless of course we catch you on Live or one of our social media feeds first.

Have a good one.





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