Last week we brought you a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the best Xbox stories from the last seven days and this time round, it’s time for another helping of the old pic ‘n’ mix! Fizzy cola bottle anyone?

We’re still a couple of weeks away from the next big show but the top dogs at Xbox HQ obviously feel we’re close enough for a bit of hype building. The Xbox Gamescom 2014 Teaser Trailer brings Acey Bongos, Major Nelson and Aoife Wilson into your living room with one intention in mind; to get you hyped for the Xbox reveals at Gamescom 2014….and you know what? It’s only gone and worked!

Another trailer that you’ll probably want to direct your eyes on is that from the Codemasters stable and the news that F1 2014 (and F1 2015) will be hitting our consoles soon ish. Whilst the 360 will no doubt be basking in F1 glory for the remainder of 2014, it’s the news that Codies have been working on F1 2015 for Xbox One that really gets us excited. The norm is that we see F1 titles drop late on in the Formula One calendar but as from next year that is all set to change with the power of Xbox One enabling an early release with Codemasters updating the game stats on a race-by-race basis. Formula One is achanging….both on the track and on our consoles!


If the greatest racing formula in the world is too boring for you then you’ll no doubt be interested in Forza Horizon 2 instead. We told you last week about the first 100 cars that have been released and now another 16 have been announced. There’s something for nearly everyone and you can expect to see some even more names turn up next week.

Away from motorsport and EA have jumped in early with an Xbox One subscription based service; the EA Access Hub. For a very reasonable price, anyone signed up to the Hub – Great name that BTW! 😉 – will have full access to a number of EA titles. Currently limited to four titles, we can expect the number of games involved to increase dramatically over the next few months. Not only that, but any member signed up will also receive discounts and early access to new games before release. Full details are in our article but if it works as well as it should, we can’t wait to see others get involved. Ubisoft Hub anyone?

We also told you about the latest Xbox Games With Gold titles for August. With new games for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners, you won’t want to miss your freebies this month….they’re pretty damn decent and the first ones are already free!

Finally for this week, we bring you a review. The Sacred series has got itself a new game in the form of coop action/hack’n’slash role-player Sacred 3. James took a look at the game and you can read his full thoughts just here. If anyone has got the game on Xbox 360, give him a shout because he’s desperate for some coop buddies who are happy to play the game the way it was intended….without booting him out every five minutes! Perhaps it’s just his poor hacking skills that have forced them into such despicable action?

Catch you next week as we build up to Gamescom 2014.

Sacred 3 safiri



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