Hey guess what? Another seven days have passed and so it’s time to take a little check on our favourite Xbox news, reviews and opinion stories of the last week. If you found yourself away from the internet between the 27th March – 2nd April or just need to swot up, then you should be having a read of these…

NHL 16 now available for free in the EA Access Vault on Xbox One

If you’re an Xbox One gamer and you don’t have an EA Access Subscription, then you really don’t know what you’re missing.

The EA Access feature on Xbox One is a bit of a stunner. Not only do you get discounts on all EA titles and their DLC, early access and the chance to play games prior to their release date, but every now and then another game will get added to the Vault, enabling you to play it for free, without the need to pay a penny more than your yearly EA sub. That’s the chance to play the whole damn game, not just a small percentage of it!

…and right now you can add NHL 16 to the huge number of games already in the Vault. What’s not to like!?

nhl 16 ea access

EA Sports UFC 2 Review

If you like MMA but don’t fancy getting punched in the head, then EA Sports have got you covered.

EA Sports UFC 2 is now available to play on Xbox One and brings the most realistic, most dramatic and most hard hitting UFC title to date. You can expect to take a number of virtual punishments, especially as you learn the grapple system, and whether you decide to go it alone and battle through the single player options, or take to the Octagon and throw a few punches and kicks in the direction of multiple online strangers, you can be sure that the latest UFC game will more than satisfy the needs of the fans.

Our review tells you exactly how good it really is.

ufc 2 punch

Sheltered Review

When Team17 arrive on the Xbox One Games Store you just have to sit up and take notice. Sheltered has been in Xbox Game Preview for a while now, but finally it’s made its way to a full release. We therefore just had to review it.

Whilst initial viewings may not see the game sell itself, Sheltered is much, much more than just another cheap, pixel art, digital title. It’s addictive and it’s hellish but it’ll also ensure that those who get a kick from micro management will be overjoyed…especially seeing as the price tag is super low and more than capable of dragging you in under its own steam.

Whether you’ll be able to get away again in a hurry is another matter though as Sheltered won’t be letting you leave easily.

sheltered pic 6

Up Next – A look at the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out in April 2016

Xbox gamers are in for a treat this month as a number of titles drop onto Xbox One and Xbox 360 throughout the next four weeks. In amongst the stunners this coming month are Quantum Break, DiRT Rally and Dark Souls 3 – three games that surely have to be in any Xbox One gamers library.

Xbox 360 owners aren’t being left out this time round either, but whether you’ll find as much joy in your offering as those on the newer system is debatable at best. Being honest, other than the three really big titles that have already been mentioned, and the usual stunning Telltale tale that is arriving in physical form, you may have to have a huge interest in something for it to become anything close to exciting.

quantum break pic 3

Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for April 2016 any good?

We leave you this week with a look at the Xbox Games With Gold titles for April 2016. The beginning of the month sees us get excited as the opportunity to grab a number of free games on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 opens. We all like a freebie or two and those equipped with a Gold membership will have been treated to many decent titles over the last few years…but have they ever been better than the games being stripped of their price tag this month?

No, is the short answer but ensure you hit our link for the full glorious details and a much more in-depth look.

So, that’s it for another week. Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments below or catch us on the usual social media channels.

games with gold april 2016


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