Are you completely up to date with all the latest Xbox news, reviews and opinions from the last seven days? No? Need a catch up? We reckon the following are some of the best Xbox One news stories and reviews from between the 28th Feb – 5th March 2016.

Xbox One March System Update for Preview members detailed

If you are an Xbox One preview member, then you should now have had the chance to check out the latest update. Whilst not as significant as some previous updates, the inclusion of a new home for your achievement tracking, an increased party size and a whole host of Twitch streaming improvements means that the latest Xbox One system update yet again builds on our favourite console’s main features.

The main draw however must be the opportunity to purchase Xbox 360 titles direct on your Xbox One. There are many out there who love the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature and this just makes it a whole load easier if you are looking to check out one of those older 360 titles.

xbox 360 bc on xbox one

Action Henk Review

Need a new game that combines the fast paced action of the world’s most iconic blue hedgehog with the required skills to compete at a high level with the Trials franchise? Action Henk is coming to your rescue!

The fast paced action, cleverly designed levels and the chance to shave milliseconds off not just your own personal best times, but also those of your friends from around the world sees Action Henk become the new speedrunning dream. Out now on Xbox One, you’ll want to have a read of our review prior to you getting your purchase in!

action henk pic 3

Homefront: The Revolution Goliath Edition with RC Combat Drone announced

After the rather disastrous recent Beta for Homefront: The Revolution, you may well be wondering why the hell we are hyping the game even more. Well, the news regarding the Goliath Edition of the game, with its free radio-controlled Combat Drone made us sit up and listen.

Whilst we’d never consider purchasing a game just for the limited edition goodies that come with it’s biggest, most expensive package, if there were ever one thing that could at least help sway us into a purchase, it would be an awesome RC controlled drone. Wouldn’t it!?


Exclusive Q&A with Daniel Leaver, developer of Ironcast on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

We first stumbled across Ironcast back at EGX 2015. A brief hands on play with the game at the four day event gave us enough enthusiasm to realise that Dreadbit’s first Xbox One title would be a bit good.

We’ve followed the game rather closely since that time and so now, on the eve of Ironcast’s Xbox One debut we thought it would be best to grab a chat with the main guy behind the initial idea, the design and indeed the development of the game. Daniel Leaver was only too happy to oblige and you can check out our exclusive Q&A interview with him right now.

If that’s not enough to tempt you in to a purchase, then our review really should seal the deal!

ironcast pic 1

Unboxing the KontrolFreek White Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One

It is no secret that we are huge fans of the accessories that KontrolFreek create. Now though, one of our favourite ever Xbox One thumbsticks has now got itself a full makeover, coming in a stunning all white design. Whilst we absolutely love the purple and silver Galaxy range that KF still deal with, who on earth could turn down a white version?

Not us, and you can check out the full unboxing of the new KontrolFreek White Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One below. By the time you check out next week’s A Week In The Hub we should have a full review for you too! See you soon.

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