The Xbox train keeps on chugging and yet again it’s been a week full of news, reviews and a shed load of hands on preview game time. Wanna know the best bits?

The hands on stuff was pretty damn awesome. Not only did EGX 2014 wrap up, my god there was some good stuff there and you can check out our 5 best games that stole the EGX show just here, but our previews of four games that are due to hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 any time now went live on site. If you have even the slightest interest in racing, then Project CARS will no doubt be right at the top of your wish list, and you should really read our thoughts about the game that threatens to overhaul Forza 5 as the most realistic racer on Xbox One.

But that’s not all. F1 2014 is due out on Xbox 360 in the next few weeks and we also got to take in a fair amount of time with the latest Codemaster racer. It may not be dropping on the next gen (you’ll have to wait for F1 2015 for that), but our preview tells you exactly why the latest official F1 game is most probably the best yet.

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Away from the racing and we grabbed the controllers and fired up two more games that couldn’t be much further apart if we’d tried. Shadow Warrior on Xbox One is a remake of the original game, bringing bucket loads of blood, guts and gore to some gorgeous oriental gardens. It’s looking very very good and is something you should most definitely consider checking out. But if you’re looking for something completely different, then let us point you in the way of Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 on Xbox 360. Colourful visuals, delightful tunes and some great platforming physics will ensure you play for hours with a massive grin on your face. It’s just this moment been released but you may as well take in our preview anyway.

We also managed to get a couple of full reviews live in the last week.

FIFA 15 is the most realistic football game yet, but it doesn’t quite hit the full 5/5 stars. James tells you why in his Xbox One FIFA 15 review and believe me, this man is a FIFA addict so is pretty well placed to celebrate and berate EA Sports latest. We also hit you with a review of Zen Studios latest Xbox One title, CastleStorm Definitive Edition. For a digital only title, it’s a massive game full to the brim with content and laughs. If you have a friend available then you must check out the brilliant multiplayer cooperative and competitive offerings.


Keep checking back for more reviews soon as we’re currently working on, amongst others, our thoughts of Forza Horizon 2, Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation, Defense Grid 2 and F1 2014…it’s gonna be a busy few weeks.

New-wise, hopefully you didn’t miss out on the news that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now pick up Battlefield Bad company 2 on Xbox 360 and a brand new game on Xbox One, Chariot both for free thanks to the brilliant Xbox Games With Gold scheme. There were also two more games added to the XBLA library on the 360 and you may be interested in checking out Jet Car Stunts and Anna – Extended Edition soon.

We also told you of some exciting news that both pinball and South Park fans will be more than interested in!!

Finally, I’m sure you don’t need reminding of the fact that the awesome Forza Horizon 2 is now live and playable on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you’re looking at making more XP and finding some new friends, then search out our Car Club. TheXboxHub or TXH will see you right and we’d love to see you at the festival! Help us rise up the Forza Horizon 2 ranks and there may be something a little special coming up soon for our Car Club members.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya! Catch you next week.

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