Gamescom 2015 has come and gone in no time at all, leaving us with wanting the hottest upcoming games as soon as possible. The was an awful lot of news and a few reviews this past week, so we’ve had to narrow it down to just the best five articles that you may have missed.

Xbox briefing @ Gamescom 2015 – Was it any good?

Arguably the most anticipated part of Gamescom was the Xbox briefing, which aimed to cover many of the exclusive titles we didn’t get to see much of, if anything, at E3. From start to finish, Phil Spencer and co. were relentless in showing us new games in a line-up that is being hyped as the greatest that Xbox as ever seen. Putting the bucket load of [email protected] games aside, Quantum Break stole the show with its ambitious concept of having TV episodes within a game and using an instantly recognisable cast.

It’s going to be an exciting year or two in gaming, that’s for sure.

xbox gamescom 2015

2K reveal Battleborn Gamescom trailer, screens, release date and more!

When you’ve had so much success with a series like Borderlands, Gearbox Software were always going to garner plenty of interest for their next big thing – Battleborn. The first person shooter offers 25 unique playable characters and now we know when it’s being released… February 9th 2016. Four more of these characters were detailed and there’s a priestess, a rogue, a peacekeeper and an assassin. The multiplayer modes revealed are set to feature up to ten players in 5v5 competitive action.

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Cheeky roguelike deckbuilder Rise of the Slime coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

All that’s left to do is wait for the open beta, which will be given a date later this year, to get an idea as to whether this is a hype train worth boarding.


Dragon Age Inquisition added to the EA Access vault

Initially, EA Access was barraged with a real mixed bag of opinions, where many were concerned about there being some kind of catch. Now that the dust has settled, it’s clear that the EA Access scheme has been nothing short of a bargain. There are already plenty of games packed into the vault and with the latest addition, Dragon Age Inquisition, that’s a whole load more gameplay to get stuck into. A huge game for a small price when you consider the amount of games now available to play for free with an EA Access membership

dragon ag in ea

Squid Hero for Kinect Review

Okay, it isn’t strictly news nor is it Gamescom related, however we felt our Squid Hero review deserved a special mention. Not just because of its undoubted quality as an article, but also because of a severe lack of love that the Kinect receives on a day to day basis. Squid Hero isn’t able to go toe to toe with the AAA titles, yet it was developed with real passion for the peripheral that it does offer slight hope that if this type of effort was put into promoting and developing more Kinect games on the whole, then maybe there’s a flash of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

squid hero pic 2

Is it time to invest in a second Xbox One?

You might be thinking that’s an odd question given the current financial climate, but if you take a read there are some great points to be made about the benefits of having an additional console, especially in a family household. The key factor was the DVR feature that’s coming soon, allowing gamers to record all their favourite shows from the free television channels, adding even more entertainment to the all-in-one console, the Xbox One.

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Heal: Console Edition adds abstract point and clicking to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch


There were a number of titles released on the Xbox Games Store that are available to pre-purchase or available to purchase and play immediately. Plus we reviewed quite a few games including King’s Quest and Life Is Strange, so it’s worth taking a look round the site to see if there’s anything that interest you that we haven’t covered here.



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