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A Week In The Hub: 2nd-8th Feb 2014


The last week has been a decent one for Xbox One gamers but an even better one for Xbox 360 owners.

For a start we saw the return of an old original Xbox classic, Fable. Revamped, remastered and touched with the HD brush, Fable Anniversary has come to the Xbox 360 a whole ten years after it’s first release on the much loved Xbox. We’ll have a review for you in the next few days, but for now all you need to know is that whilst the original Fable was a massive hit, this one has the added advantage of The Lost Chapters content included from the start, some amazingly thought out achievements AND some cracking Smartglass integration. We won’t say too much as the review will cover everything you need to know, but whether you are a Fable veteran or someone wanting to dip their toes into the first game for the first time, then it’s looking pretty damn good.

But not only that. If you are one that would prefer to jump in feet first, then you’ll probably be interested to know that the Fable Trilogy is also available to download from the Xbox Games Store. Consisting of Fable Anniversary, Fable II and Fable III, it’ll be THE place to be for anyone wanting to run through all the games. It’s fairly decently priced as well.

Xbox 360 owners will probably have also noticed there was one of those Wednesday arcade releases in the last week, coming in the form of The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors. From the makers of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Episode One received rave reviews and the second episode looks like taking the story of Fabletown on another notch. It’s been a little quiet on the arcade front over the last few months, but hopefully the appearance of The Wolf Among Us and the previous weeks, Rekoil Liberator will be the first in a line of weekly releases back on the 360.

A fast paced arena shooter, Rekoil LIberator is an online only game that takes the shooter back to it’s basic roots. There are no perks and no battlepacks, but there is a hell of a lot of shooting and frantic gameplay. Unfortunately it needs a bigger community to help see it through a quiet patch, but you’ll find our review covers everything you need to know and will hopefully help you make the decision on whether to part with your cash or not.

Away from the 360 and it’s been a fairly exciting week for Xbox One owners as well.

Forza 5 has had a busy week with two helpings of downloadable content released. First up, The Smoking Tire pack dropped for all Season Pass owners and for those happy enough to throw another few quid at the game. With the promise of a free 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale added to your in-game garage, the temptation for a purchase is very high indeed. But that wasn’t all, as nearer the end of the week Turn 10 treated us to another surprise package. The Honda Legends DLC pack contains three cars from the Japanese maker, including the recently announced 2014 Honda Civic Si.

There was also the small matter of the first Xbox One system update being dated and detailed. It should be coming to a console near you on the 11th Feb, you can read about the improvements to the stability, to Kinect and to the system as a whole in our article, but possibly the best news of all will be the addition of a controller power indicator. It’s the little things that make all the difference eh!

Oh, and did you realise Titanfall was nearly here? It may have been delayed a little on the 360 but it’s still full steam ahead for its Xbox One release.

As usual, we’ll catch you again next week but in the meantime, why not follow us on Twitter, check out our G+ and Facebook pages or subscribe to our ever flourishing YouTube channel.

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