Wowzers. What a week that was. Not only did we see four new reviews go up on site but it was a week full of rather exciting Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and competitions. As much as we’d love to look back on each and every story that came it, it’s probably for the best to focus on just a few.

We’ve got to start with our reviews and the biggest release of this last week was without a doubt that of South Park The Stick of Truth on Xbox 360. Our review went live at the start of the week and is most definitely something you don’t want to miss, whilst the game should also be right up there on your ‘must plays’ gaming list. Just be warned, South Park The Stick of Truth is ‘an 18 rated title so if you wish to buy it be prepared for swearing, violence and adult humour’. Don’t say we didn’t warn you and don’t say we didn’t ever give you THE CHANCE TO WIN THE GAME either!. If you need any more convincing then make sure you have a watch of the Stick of Truth launch trailer as well. It’s full of the usual South Park fun and frivolities.


We also finally got round to reviewing the first two episodes of The Wolf Among Us on Xbox 360. It’s been on our ‘to-do’ list for some time and Episode 1: Faith turned out to be a great start for the series. It needed to be as well as because Telltale Games has a rather outstanding track record for these story driven games and so anything short of very decent was going to be a bit of a let down. Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors is just as engrossing and whilst it doesn’t move the story along too quickly, we do get to feel a bit more attached to the characters of Fabletown throughout its hour and a half of storytelling.

We couldn’t possibly mention Telltale and The Wolf Among Us without mentioning it’s big brother, The Walking Dead. Now in Season 2, the lurkers are back and the emphasis has now moved from the deceased Lee, to young Clementine. Episode 1 of The Walking Dead is sees Clem fight for food, friendship and above all else, survival. Our review has it down as ‘good enough as a season opener’ and if you’re a fan of either the first season, the comic books or the TV series, then you should be checking the second season out on Xbox 360. Additionally, Episode 2: A House Divided has also just gone live and we’ll have our review of that up in a day or two. Throw in both a Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare review and another for Titanfall, and you’ll find plenty more to read up on next week, especially if you’re an Xbox One owner.

Away from the reviews and there were a couple of new Titanfall goodies announced, both in the form of trailers. We first saw the ‘Life is better with a Titan’ trailer drop on the 3rd March with the official Titanfall gameplay trailer following up the day after. Both are more than worth a watch ahead of that big 11th/14th March release day. You have got your copy preoreder haven’t you?

titanfall pic 1

The 11th March sees another pretty big addition to the world of Xbox One….Twitch broadcasting. Guaranteed to be a big hitter (we’re expecting to see everyone and anyone streaming their gaming goodness once it goes live), the Twitch app will receive it’s much anticipated update just in time for Titanfall and so just in case the delivery guy fails to come up with the goods, at least you’ll have something else to keep you occupied. If you were wondering how Twitch broadcasting will be integrated into the whole Xbox One system then have a watch of this video from that every helpful Major Nelson guy.

And finally from us this week, there were a couple of other very interesting trailers released. That failed Xbox One launch title, Watch Dogs has gone under the radar recently but all that changed with the announcement of the Watch Dogs Story trailer and release date. The details first leaked out mid week but Ubisoft were quick on the draw and were good enough to confirm things pretty soon that same day. Watch Dogs still looks utterly amazing and we’re sitting here in hope that it delivers the goods.

The other interesting trailer was something to do with a new Rocksteady Batman game…..Batman Arkham Knight. Just have a watch because this could possibly be the greatest ever Xbox One trailer. The Bat is back and he’s bringing his car with him!


As is now the norm be sure to check back again next week when we’ll have a few more reviews and loads more news for you to read. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter, check out our G+ and Facebook pages or subscribe to our YouTube channel (that Batman Arkham Knight trailer is on there). We’ve also got an Instagram page you can take a look at/follow.




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