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A Week In The Hub: 2nd-8th Nov 2014



The library of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 has increased massively over the last few weeks and so this past seven days have seen us drop a fair few reviews….we’ve got a decent amount of news for you too!

We shall however start with the good stuff; the Xbox One reviews.

The week started with our Just Dance 2015 thoughts going live. Ubisoft are throwing out all manner of new games at the moment but Just Dance was most definitely one we had to check out. Being a fan of it’s direct opponent, Dance Central, Gemma was more than happy to get her groove on with a bit of party action and was left reasonably well impressed. It may have been a bit of a slow burner, but if you are looking for a game that will bring a whole group of friends together, Just Dance 2015 on Xbox One might just be it. Some may wish to consume a little alcohol first though!

Ubisoft have also just released Rocksmith 2014 Edition on the next generation and this has proved to be the best tutor any budding guitarist could ask for. Gone are the plastic instrumental accessories of old, instead replaced with a real world guitar (you’ll need to provide your own of course, Ubi aren’t THAT nice!) and brings about the fastest way of learning the way of the strings. Everyone wants to be a rock superstar and after only a few hours with Rocksmith 2014, we were well on the way to music stardom. Have a read of our review and you too may just decide that spending time with Rocksmith will do you the world of good. There are free Jimi Hendrix tracks available to all next gen Rocksmith students (plus the usual weekly DLC additions – this time from Killswitch Engage).

jimi hendrix pic 1

Whilst both of the above come as full retail titles, we also managed to get time to look at one of the current free Xbox One Games With Gold titles, Chariot and a game that brings one of the most loved Nickolodeon shows to our consoles, The Legend of Korra. Both have a great deal of charm, plenty of colour and will appeal to the right person, but you really should be reading our reviews before using up your ISP’s bandwidth limit.

There will be more reviews coming your way in the next week or so, with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, TMNT: Danger of the Ooze, Costume Quest 2, Sunset Overdrive, Pure Pool and NBA 2K15 all currently being worked on. Throw in the two new Assassin’s Creed titles from Ubisoft; Unity and Rogue plus anything else we can git our grubby mitts on and you’ll quickly get to see why we are going to be fairly busy over the next few days!

With that in mind, it seems like the perfect time to remind everyone that we are always on the lookout for new writers of news, reviews and opinions. If you live for Xbox and would like to get your thoughts out there (and get the odd bit of review code sent your way), then give us a shout. You can find our contact details in various places on TheXboxHub but most notably on a link at the very top of this page.

Anyways, back to business and as always, many a trailer has been thrown our way, the best of which are as follows:

You may notice the official Assassin’c Creed Unity trailer in amongst that lovely lot and AC should be playing a big part in your life over the next few weeks, but not only in the form of Unity and Rogue. In fact, there are some extra special going-ons occurring over at the official AC Rogue website, where Ubisoft are asking you to ‘Question the Creed’.

Oh, and those guys over at Insert Coins have dropped a while new line of Assassin’s Creed clothing that you really should be checking out.


What else have we told you about this last week? Well, we detailed the Season Pass for The Crew, brought you the news that Forza Horizon 2 has aquired itself 15 new bucket list challenges AND a new DLC pack and could finally tell you more about a release date for the awesome Pure Pool on Xbox One. Additionally, Magic 2015 has made an appearance on Microsoft’s best console and both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions have also received the additional Garruk’s Revenge DLC expansion.

And finally, we cannot go without mentioning the real big news of the week. Not only is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare now available, but thanks to a lovely upgrade offer, you can pick it up on Xbox One for free. But that’s not all, as with another big dog in GTA V fast approaching, we can finally confirm those rumours about the first person mode that has been long talked about. Is it happening? Hit the link and read more!

So that’s pretty much it for another week. Hope to catch you gaming on Xbox Live, via the usual social media channels or anywhere else you can find us.

Just make sure you say hi…..preferably not like Trevor below!

gta v pic 1





Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
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