This last week has seen us bring you a couple of reviews, two new Xbox digital releases and an absolute shed load of trailers.

We’ll start with latter shall we? The trailers!

Without a shadow of doubt, one of the biggest soon to be released games is that hack-a-thon Watch Dogs. We’ve seen plenty of previous gameplay videos but it wouldn’t be a week on TXH without us bringing you another. This time round, Watch Dogs focuses on some of the characters that can be found in the game. It is of the usual WD standard, ie AWESOME and is something you really should be watching sooner rather than later.

Another character focused video comes from SEGA with regards to Alien: Isolation. Sit back as writer, Dan Abnet, designer Gary Napper, the art lead Jude Bond and creative lead Al Hope talk you through the techniques and reasons as to why the characters in Alien Isolation will be so lifelike.

And if neither of those two grab your fancy, then how about checking out the ‘Making of’ vid for Titanfalls upcoming Swampland map, the Bound by Flame launch trailer or the official video for The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 3: In Harm’s Way….you never know, if you click this link then you may even be treated with a release date.

This last week has also seen a couple of decent additions to the Xbox Games Store.

Firstly, Forza 5 has gone and got itself some new cars in the form of the Meguiar’s Car Pack. Available for purchase on Xbox One right now, this latest DLC pack has some awesome cars and we defy anyone to not be smitten by the 2013 BMW M Performance M3 Racing Car or the 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe.

360 owners also have something to get excited about as that peg-busting super time-waster Peggle 2 has finally appeared for download. It’ll cost you less than a tenner and we guarantee it’ll be a major taker of your gaming time over the next few weeks and months. We reviewed the game when it first came out on Xbox One a few months back and you can expect the 360 version to have pretty much the same addictiveness. Take a look at our review and maybe it’ll help swing a purchase in your direction.

peggle 2 luna

Whilst we’re on the reviews subject, you’ll be glad to know that the last week saw two more reviews get added to our burgeoning collection.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on the Xbox 360 was the first review of the week to drop and whilst it has garnered huge sales, we can’t say it is something that should be high on your purchase list. James stands by his decision to say ‘2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil isn’t a bad game, but a boring one that even with the vibrant style has a real lack of substance.‘, and that’s a real shame because even though FIFA 14 is still the football daddy, it would have been nice to see the latest title from EA Sports fairing a little better.

Our second review saw us cast our eyes over Child of Light on Xbox One and this is most definitely something everyone should be taking a look at. Telling the story of how a young Princess battles her way through life with an enchanting poetic style, Child of light is an absolute joy to play, watch or listen to. Ubisoft have really pulled out all the stops and it’s something they should be extremely proud of.

child of light banner

That’s it from us for another week. Thanks once again to all those who have frequented our pages or those we have caught up with over the last seven days. Keep an eye out for another weekly round up this time next week!

Oh, but before we go, don’t forget that our forums are now open for business and we’d love to hear more from you in there. You’ll need to sign up to get involved but don’t let a 30 second job put you off. See you there and maybe you can have a chat to us about Pure Pool coming to Xbox One!

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