Another week down and we’re rolling on through some of Xbox’s busiest weeks of the year. There have been a ton of new stories, reviews and videos hitting TheXboxHub’s pages between the 4th-10th Oct 2015…but which were our favourites? Well…

FIFA 16 Review

Our PES 2016 review went live earlier, but now our thoughts on the latest FIFA offering are also in place. Whilst the gap between the two hasn’t been closer (well at least for about 8 years it hasn’t), FIFA still comes up trumps, sticking to the winning formula in order to get one up over PES yet again.

But it’s not all rosy in the EA camp and there are many issues that still see FIFA 16 come up short in the ‘must buy’ category. What are they? Our review tells all.

FIFA16 2

Far Cry Primal announced by Ubisoft. Check out the screens and trailers!

Far Cry is one of our most favourite series with the last two games especially, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4, setting new benchmarks in the open world genre. Far Cry Primal therefore should be something pretty spectacular.

Whilst many details are still thin on the ground, what has been announced sounds pretty good to us…seriously, who doesn’t want to jump back in time to an age when mammoth beasts ruled the world and humans were most definitely on the menu for many an animal.

It’s okay to trust Ubisoft to deliver something spectacular…isn’t it?


Metal Gear Online launches with new screenshots!

One of the biggest releases of the last few months has without a doubt been Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Well, whilst the single player campaign is an absolute stunner, Konami haven’t rested on their laurels, instead ensuring that Metal Gear Online hits home where it hurts, making sure that all gamers will still want to visit its glorious land.

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With a rather fluid launch taking place last week, it was a great moment to check out a couple of new screenshots.

Mortar mayhem 001

Inside My Radio Review

If you mix an old school platformer with some of the funkiest beats and a rhythmic style akin to that old favourite Parappa the Rappa, you’ll eventually come to Inside My Radio.

With a stunning mix of retro 90’s house, funk up disco, rare groove and dub, you can be sure that the beats playing will never tire and the entertaining gameplay ensures that there is always a little surprise around the corner.

Inside My Radio may be a bit on the expensive side, and ultimately is something that will be over just as it all gets going, but if you need to get down to the beat, you could do much worse than check it out.

inside my radio pic 2

Star Wars Battlefront Beta now available on Xbox One

I’m hazarding a guess here but Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox One could well be the game that Star Wars fans have waited 30+ years for. Whilst the full game hasn’t quite made an appearance, the beta is well up and running, bringing with it a couple of game modes, absolutely stunning visuals (seriously, some of what EA have served up here is unbeatable) and an experience like no other.

If you haven’t yet got involved in the open beta, we urge you to do so pronto.

star wars battlefront pic 1

Did we miss anything out? What were your favourite stories of the last seven days? Let us know in the comments section below.

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