Come in, take a pew and put your feet up as we take you on a little journey…a journey in which you’ll experience all the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and reviews from the last seven days.

We shall start with the reviews, of which two came your way. First up, Defense Grid 2 on Xbox One brings the tower defense genre to the next generation, exactly six years after the original game wowed us on Xbox 360. But is there still enjoyment in defending those towers and stopping vast waves of enemies from attacking and capturing your power cores? Have a read of James’ review and those questions will be answered!

Secondly, our review of Alien Isolation on Xbox One also went live. For nearly 35 years, videogame developers have tried to recreate the horror, the tension and the suspense found in the original Alien film…have SEGA and Creative Assembly finally created a game that Alien fans around the world will be happy with? Our full review explains all!


New game wise, and the Xbox One especially has received a couple of decent additions. Our review of Styx: Master of Shadows will be with you in the next few days but first signs are pointing towards a very positive outcome since the games release last week. Styx is an assassin like no other and so if you fancy a stealthy game with very little combat, then check out the digital only download. Alongside Styx, we also saw Divekick release on Microsoft’s big console. A ‘two button fighter’, Divekick promises to bring you a slightly different look at the usually technical, highly advanced brawlers we’ve become accustomed to. The price is fairly decent so it may well be worth a punt.

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Finally, Trials Fusion has received its third content pack in the form of ‘Welcome to the Abyss‘. Taking you into the depths of the ocean, Abyss brings you new tracks, new challenges and new achievements. Again, we’ll have a full review of the DLC live for your perusal soon.



There have also been a fair number of launch and gameplay trailers released in the last week, with the most notable ones as follows:

And that’s about it for this week. A slightly shorter version of A Week In The Hub but we’re sure there are enough trailers above for you to be getting on with!

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