Another week down and the last seven days have been jam packed once again. Which were our favourite Xbox news, reviews and opinion pieces that hit TheXboxHub between the 6th-12th march 2016? We think you should be brushing up on this lot!

Fable Legends cancelled. Microsoft to close two studios.

The week started on a sour note as Microsoft confirmed that not only were they to close two studios, but there would also be no further production of Fable Legends.

Our thoughts go out to those who have lost jobs at Press Play and Lionhead,  because as gamers, we’re gutted to see a couple of studios go by the wayside, especially when you have the latter being something of a ‘big name’ in the game. We’re also rather disappointed at losing the promise of a free-to-play game in the form of Fable Legends – something else that comes with an iconic title – albeit one that may never have reached the heights of games that previously used the Fable name.

RIP Press Play and Lionhead.

fable legends heroes

Far Cry Primal Review

The Far Cry series started off slowly but has gathered so much momentum recently that Ubisoft just had to come back with another installment. This time though we are bereft of the complex big guns, instead heading back to a time of simplicity, gore and downright raw aggression.

Far Cry Primal is with us and it’s time for each and every Xbox One gamer to head back a few thousand years and prepare to go toe-to-toe with sabretooth tigers, woolly mammoths and more, all whilst taking in the usual high quality story and visuals that the big U deal with. Our review is ready for your perusal – go check it out!


The Solus Project Xbox One Hands On Preview

The Xbox One Game Preview scheme allows for game developers to throw their latest title out there for gamers to go hands on with, all whilst getting feedback and direction on how well it is coping with the pressure of hitting the Xbox One Games Store.

One of the latest titles to drop in as a Preview game is The Solus Project – a huge open world survival title that pits you against the harshest of weather on the alien planet, Gliese-6143-C. We’ve been giving it a little blast and whilst we’ll be holding off on our full review until the game releases in completed form, what is currently in place is most definitely worth a little look.


Gareth Bale confirmed as the star player for Konami’s UEFA EURO 2016

He’s the Welsh wizard who is on the verge of leading his country into battle.

Yes, Gareth Bale and Wales are heading towards the Euro 2016 tournament and Konami have decided that he’s more than a big enough name to help promote their product. As one of the world’s most recognisable footballers, Bale will grace the front cover of the retail version of the official EURO 2016 videogame, whilst also happily being plastered all over all promotional material.

Expect him to have a rather busy summer too as he attempts to play a leading role in Wales’ first tournament for decades!


KontrolFreek White Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One review

If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One accessory, then you should be visiting KontrolFreek as a matter of urgency. We’ve been lucky enough to go hands-on with a couple of their new products recently and hot on the heels of the full unboxing video, we’ve now got reviews of both the Inferno range and that of the new stunning White Galaxy thumbsticks for Xbox One.

We think they are absolutely superb – looking good, feeling great and coming at a time when we need all the help we can get with our K/D ratio! Feel free to have a read of our full review and then get purchasing some. You won’t regret it.

So, that’s it for another week. We hope you enjoy the articles and will catch you again the same time next week. Enjoy!



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