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Put away your PES disc and delete FIFA from your hard drive, there’s a new football game in town and it promises to recreate the glory days from decades past.

Available to download right now on Xbox One, Active Soccer 2 DX can be grabbed for £11.99. A top arcade football experience that has its roots in the mobile scene, Active Soccer 2 DX will being eay to learn gameplay, a complete career mode and a whole ton of leagues, cups and championships to get your teeth into.

If you’re fed up with the two big football titles, it may just be worth a little look.

Game Description:

Following the great success of the mobile version, the Active Soccer series is back and is now available on Xbox One! Active Soccer 2 DX is an exciting top-down arcade football game providing a fast-paced arcade experience, implementing amazing playability and responsive easy-to-learn/hard-to-master controls. With Active Soccer 2 DX you have full control of the game, no scripted goals, no CPU-driven decisions! Active Soccer 2 DX provides a complete career mode, implementing many international leagues, cups and championships. Imagine being the manager of a 5th division English team – you have a budget and your goal is to be promoted to higher divisions, by purchasing players, creating tactics, managing the team and playing real matches! – Multiplayer game, up to 8 local players – Career mode, supporting 850 teams (club and national) from all over the world and 22,000 players with individual skills – Classic teams and hundreds of legendary players included – Competition designer – Team editor – Varied weather conditions – Different camera views: you can play vertically, horizontally or with a diagonal view – Soundtrack created by Chris Huelsbeck – Amazing fun!

Head on over to the Xbox One Games Store right now.



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