The additional characters being added to the Warner Bros. superhero fighting frenzy that is Injustice 2 never cease to get us gamers excited, and the latest fighter to drop by, as part of the Fighter Pack #3, is none other than mystical and magical supervillain Enchantress.

The alter ego of June Moone, Enchantress was recently portrayed in the film Suicide Squad and is an iconic character in the DC universe.

This new fighter will be found utilising her magical energy to teleport around – ambushing the opponent by doing so. You can also expect to see her summon evil grunts for some added firepower and call upon the aid of an Enchantress duplicate of sorts, allowing you to compile powerful combos.

The name of the game in Injustice 2, and in order to get the advantage over any opponent, is to chain together attacks and not leave gaps in your fighting for the enemy to battle back. Enchantress, with her summoning and duplication abilities, is a perfect character to do so with – and will soon see the best players tearing it up the online leaderboards. If you get in a sticky spot however, then a quick supermove will do the trick, where Enchantress rips out the soul of the enemy, copying them, and gets them to attack your opponent, before the move culminates in an almighty explosion as the duplicate shoots back into your enemy’s body!

Even describing Enchantress’s devastating moves is exhausting, but if you fancy adding her to your roster then for any Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack #3 owner the magic wielding maestro will be available from today, and on the 16th of January for anyone else as a standalone purchase. Enchantress will be available for PS4 and PC users, also.

If you are still undecided about Injustice 2, then I am sure our review will set your mind straight. Especially seeing as it made the list of our favourite games of 2017!

Happy enchanting!


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