WWE 2K19 New Moves Pack

Sometimes you need to breathe a new lease of life into a game to keep the action fresh, which may be what the WWE 2K19 New Moves Pack can do for you now that it’s available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Are you ready to decimate your opponents with a raft of new moves in your arsenal?

With the New Moves Pack for WWE 2K19 you’ll now be able to pull off the likes of the Claymore and Zig Zag combo, Finn Balor’s Springboard Sling Blade, Sarah Logan’s Kentucky Knee and many, many more. From new tag team manoeuvres, to signature moves that regular WWE viewers will recognise in an instant, there are moves aplenty to pulverise whoever dares to step in the ring against you. The art of taunting has also been bolstered by the inclusion of additional taunts to perform when you’re dominating the squared circle.

It’s relatively cheap too, priced at just £3.19 to garner over 50 extra moves and taunts for your WWE 2K19 experience. Even better, those who own the WWE 2K19 Season Pass can download it without any extra cost whatsoever. Just strut over to the Xbox Store and grab the New Moves Pack to enhance the move selection at your disposal today. Those playing on other platforms should visit their own respective digital store.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got the lay the smack down on a couple of Superstars that have been trash talking us…

DLC Description:

With over 50 new moves and taunts, the WWE 2K19 New Moves Pack provides you with the ultimate arsenal to dominate your opponent in the ring! Download now to receive the Avalanche Splash & Leg Drop Combo (Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy), Inverted Atomic Drop/Leg Drop Combo (Jeff Hardy), Apron Exploder (Tyler Bate), Slingshot X-Factor (Mustafa Ali) and much more! The WWE 2K19 New Moves Pack is also available by downloading the WWE 2K19 Season Pass.

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