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Additional story details revealed for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet


With the launch of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet just a couple of weeks away, Bandai Namco have revealed what to expect from the story. So, what’s in store for you after logging in to the world of Gun Gale Online?

Well, when your very own avatar is invited to play Gun Gale Online by childhood friend Kureha, you’ll unexpectedly gain access to a newly implemented player support A.I. known as ArFA-Sys. After then meeting Kirito, he requests your help to conquer the additional dungeon of the spaceship SBC Flügel. In order to fulfil this request, you must meet certain requirements and also collect all the key parts of ArFA-Sys, before actually heading to the spaceship.

During the adventure, you’ll come across several characters such as the immensely talented Bazalt Joe, Zeliska who also has the ArFA-Sys as support, and the famous Squadron leader Itsuki. Bazalt Joe is a bit of a pain though and challenges your character multiple times, in the hope of gaining possession of your ArFA-Sys. Dealing with him slows down your mission, but eventually you will reach the SBC Flügel gate. As the SBC Flügel challenge becomes available though, everyone wants to get involved. So the only logical way to decide the winners is for the group to play rock-paper-scissors. Subsequently, you, Kirito, Kureha and ArFA-Sys win the right to challenge the gate!

When Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet releases on 23rd February, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, you can expect to find several weapon types on offer. There are hand guns, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles and launchers, all of which can be equipped on both hands to double the power you wield. Special techniques, “Weapon Arts”, can also be purchased from Argo for each different type of weapon. Revealing information to her will garner additional funds too.

What do you think of the latest details? Does the story sound interesting enough to convince you to purchase SAO: Fatal Bullet? Let us know!

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