If you’ve been spending time in the wonderful world of Dynasty Warriors 9, experiencing the thrill of the one versus thousands gameplay that is found within, then there is good news coming your way, as an Additional Weapons Pack has arrived.

Priced at £9.59, the Additional Weapons Pack for Dynasty Warriors 9 is here and it delivers 3 weapon types and weapon models that come with new actions attached.

It may seem a fairly hefty price to pay for just a few extra bits of arsenal, but if you are interested in going equipped with the Sword & Hook for Xu Shu, the Emei Piercers of Wang Yi or Claws for Zhang He then you’re going to need to stump up the cash.

That is of course unless you’ve already got access to the latest pack courtesy of the Dynasty Warriors 9 Digital Deluxe Pack, or Season Pass, because if you have either of those then you will find this content magically appearing in your game with little hassle.

For a bit more on the old detail front regarding Dynasty Warriors 9, make sure you check out our full review. Once you have, get to the Microsoft Store and nab the Additional Weapons Pack now.

DLC Description:

3 weapon types and weapon models with new actions will be added. In addition to new actions that can be performed by each officer, if the added weapons are an officer’s favorite weapon, unique actions can be performed. ▼Added weapon types and the officers who favor them: Sword & Hook: Xu Shu Emei Piercers: Wang Yi Claws: Zhang He ▼How to use The new weapons can be purchased at a blacksmith in a city. In addition, they can be crafted by obtaining the corresponding scrolls for the added weapons from a coin collector.


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