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Ready for some adrenaline filled fighting action? The Cruz Brothers and here and available on Xbox One.

Priced up at £24.99 and available to purchase right this minute from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Cruz Brothers thrusts us into a world full of blood, sweat and utter tears as we embark on a journey that should scratch the biggest of fighting itches.

Taking us around the globe, Cruz Brothers on Xbox One promises to deliver the latest and greatest version of the hand-drawn fighter yet, with a launch on modern console systems following on from launch a couple of years back on Steam.

Previously available on PC and PS4, the Cruz Brothers version we’re seeing hitting Xbox One includes the addition of the Camps Edition, throwing out all updates from the first year of the game, with improvements in the fighting mechanics, multiple customisation opportunities and a whole new team of fighters ready to rumble. 

With 9 new stages included, new songs, an upgraded game engine, additional moves and combos, local co-op fun and both MMA and Challenge Events plus a whole ton more added in for good measure, you can be sure that Cruz Brothers on Xbox One has the lot. 

Should you wish to give it a shot, either going in green or as a veteran to the game then heading to the Xbox Store and splashing the cash will see you right. As always, let us know if you pick it up. The comments section is below.

Game Description:

Hello fighters from around the world! Are you ready for some adrenaline-pumping fighting action? A tale of blood, sweat and tears is ready to unfold before you – Cruz Brothers, the dramatic fast-paced hand-drawn Fighting Game newest version is here! The newly implemented mechanics made the fighting system a whole new challenge!

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