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There’s a new tongue-in-cheek point and click adventure in Xbox One town, and no, it’s not Monkey Island. We can however only hope that the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business are just as interesting as the genre-leaders.

Available to purchase and download right now is Episode 1 of the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle on Xbox One, a new point and clicker that combines the usual classic formula with many action-orientated moments, with everything put together thanks to Rumpus Animation.

Coming in at a price point of just £4.99, “Dreadly Business” is the first chapter of these adventures, dropping us into a quirky Victorian London town that is populated by some utterly strange characters. It is here where we meet one Bertram Fiddle, a guy who has found himself in a bit of a pickle. It’ll therefore be up to you to help him out in his quest of hunting down an elusive serial killer – Geoff the Murderer – before he kills again.

With some stunningly animated visuals holding this tale together, and a world of intrigue, murder, mystery and puns all found within, if you’re after something a little different to the norm, or just wish to find out whether Bertram Fiddle can hold a light to the brilliance of Monkey Island then you’ll be wanting to get over to the Xbox Store, splashing the required cash, and getting your download moving.

Alternatively, you could always hold out for our full review. It’s coming!

Game Description:

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a hilarious tongue-in-cheek point and click adventure game that mixes the classic formula up with riveting action elements all weaved together lovingly by Rumpus Animation. In a quirky take on a Victorian London inhabited by strange characters, with even stranger noses, self proclaimed leading explorator, Bertram Fiddle, finds himself in a bit of pickle. Help him follow the clues and track down the elusive serial killer known only as Geoff the Murderer before he strikes again. “It is quite possibly one of the finest point-and-click comedy murder mystery adventure games set in Victorian London you will play today” – Bertram Fiddle Featuring • Intrigue, murder, mystery and terrible PUNS! • Beautifully animated interactions • Over 30 locations to explore • An original soundtrack composed by Cam Reynolds inspired by 1970s B movies • Unique Voice Acting • Riveting action sequences • HD art

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