Online video gaming has expanded enormously over the past few years to the point of now being able to offer just about anyone something interesting to get involved in. Online games run the gamut from good old fashioned player versus player shoot em ups to real money casino games and sports betting. Of course if you want to play serious gambling games for money, it’s always best to read casino reviews before may even find a no deposit casino to try first. In the meantime, Canadian-based gaming brand Ubisoft have recently released Far Cry 5, one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. We unpack some of the games main features and give you a brief rundown of what you can expect. 

Far Cry 5 Takes the Franchise to New Heights 

Far Cry 5 adds another new chapter in the incredibly popular and successful Far Cry franchise and follows on from Far Cry 4, released in 2014. Set in the fictitious Hope County in Montana, the game’s main story line revolves around Eden’s Gate, a doomsday cult that rules the entire area with an iron fist and led by a man named Joseph Seed. At the start of the game, you control an unnamed character who turns out to be a sheriff’s deputy. Your task is to find a local resistance faction and battle the cult’s soldiers, in an effort to rid the county of the despotic rule. 

Far Cry 5 is essentially a first person shooter but also includes excellent opportunities for exploration, adventure and problem solving along the way. Main features to look forward to include: 

Should You Play Far Cry 5? 

Like all games, whether you should play Far Cry 5 is largely up to you and what sort of games you actually enjoy playing. If you happen to already be a fan of the Far Cry franchise, then of course, you should definitely be checking out this latest instalment. If you happen to be a fan of mobile casinos and the games they offer, this might be a bit of a stretch. However, the game is well-made, the graphics and gameplay are brilliant and, like many of the games being released in 2018, offers incredible realism and intensity. 

Far Cry 5 Additional Features 

  1. A fully fledged outdoor world to explore 
  2. Take control of various elements including rope slides, parachutes and vehicles 
  3. Find weapons stashes and other in-game valuables 
  4. Interact with other characters and create alliances to fight Eden’s Gate members 
  5. Participate in realistic combat with a range of weapons including explosives, guns, knives, bows and more 
  6. UseGuns for Hirefeature to recruit characters to fight and complete missions with 
  • Available for PC on Microsoft Windows 
  • Available for Xbox One 
  • Available for PlayStation 4 
  • Single Player mode available 
  • Two player co-op and multiplayer modes available 
  • Build and share maps in Far Cry Arcade