It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains

Some of you may remember when ‘It came from space and ate our brains’ first had an outing in 2015, well, forget about that for now because publisher All in! Games are bringing it back in Q1 2020 with new features and a major overhaul. Want to know more about this horde-filled top-down survival shooter?

Who’s the most awesome alien slayer in the entire world? Hopefully you are, and it’ll soon be the time to prove it to everyone. You see, a merciless alien species has invaded the Earth and they feed on human brains. Get ready to wander the city, and other atmospheric locations, as a no-nonsense kind of guy with the two essentials in life: a flashlight and something to turn aliens into goo. Things are looking pretty bad out there and it’s carnage everywhere… so we guess it’s time to save the world!

Up to four players can take part in the co-op campaign, consisting of six exciting missions to work through. Search for powerful weapons, use your trusty flashlight and special powers to send the unwanted intergalactic guests back into space or just kill them, whichever you prefer. Watch out though, for there are different alien types and they all think your brain is rather delicious. It’s going to be tough to survive hordes of enemies that are trying to corner you and get inside your skull.

Prepare for a brand-new prologue, a completely re-done interface, various visual upgrades and re-balanced difficulty when ‘It came from space and ate our brains’ launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in Q1 2020.

Is this top-down horde survival shooter from developers Triangle Studios (The Bug Butcher) something you’ll be keeping an eye out for? Get in touch and let us know via all of the usual means.


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