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Back in 2006, one Chris Daughtry rose to fame during American Idol, and although he failed to win the overall show, gained a huge following and backing. That prompted him to form the self-titled band – Daughtry – who then saw the similarly titled debut album break all rock album records. Today though it is that same Daughtry who are found rocking up onto Rocksmith, with a new Song Pack that nabs three tunes from that debut album. 

Available to grab from the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS4, and now also the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360, the Rocksmith Daughtry Song Pack will set you back just £6.69, but for that small price point, you’ll gain access to three of the band’s most well known tunes…

  • Home
  • Feels Like Tonight
  • Over You

All taken from the self-titled Daughtry album, no matter whether you are fan of the man himself, the band, the American Idol process or just good old American rock, then you’ll no doubt find some ounce of pleasure in what is provided here. With each tune also available as an individually purchasable track at £2.49, there really is little reason to not getting adding these Daughtry tunes to your library. 

With the last week of Rocksmith goodies providing nothing more than some super skilled Advanced Exercises, it may well be time for you to fall into the trap once more, tempted by what the Rocksmith Daughtry Song Pack delivers and ensuring you just can’t help but be found opening that creaky old wallet. 

Should you have previously discovered the wonders of Rocksmith on Xbox then the Xbox Store will sort you out with the required downloads, whilst the PlayStation Store will do wonders for the PS3 and PS4 players out there. If you need to know more about Rocksmith and how it sets itself apart from other ‘music games’, then make sure you check out our full review. The Rocksmith team reckon that it is the fastest way to learn guitar, and we wholeheartedly agree with that statement. 

If you don’t decide to drop the cash on this Daughtry Song Pack, let us know what you’re holding out for. The comments section is below, and we’re available on all the usual social channels. We’d love you to hit us up. 

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