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We love the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. Not just because we love free games, but because we love free games. Oh yeh, we absolutely love free games! But how good is the July lineup? With the free Xbox One games for June being somewhat disappointing, surely July sees a marked improvement?

God damn it does. In fact, it could just be one of the best months for Xbox One owners so far.

Whilst time will only tell how good So Many Me is (because let’s be honest, without playing it we really should keep shush), it’s great to see a huge title be stripped of its price tag to run throughout the month of July. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is good. In fact, it’s very good and pretty near to a must play Xbox One title. With it now going for free, there is absolutely no excuse for any Xbox Live Gold member to not check it out.

It may not have had the fanfare that Assassin’s Creed Unity received upon its release (a fanfare which quickly went flat), but we put that down to the fact it wasn’t a standalone new generation title and came at a time when the console was in its infancy, swallowed up with many other game releases around the same time.

Xbox 360 owners meanwhile get access to Plants vs Zombies for free during the first two week of July. It would have been lovely to see the Garden Warfare version being stripped of its price tag as that is the infinitely better game, but for those who haven’t experienced the original title either on mobile or console, then it is most definitely worth a look.

However, the real big dogs come out to play once the 16th July hits. Gears of War 3 has so obviously been included to get the hype moving for the upcoming Gears remake and latest addition on Xbox One. A third person shooter of the very highest quality, many may prefer the original but for sheer excitement, there isn’t an awful lot that beats it!

Overall then and whilst June was a bit of a disappointment for One owners and a hit for 360 gamers, July sees a complete turnaround with Xbox One owners getting by far the better quality…and if So Many Me turns out great, this could be the best month yet for the Xbox Games With Gold scheme.


Xbox One – 4/5

Xbox 360 – 2.5/5


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