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October was a little bit of a letdown for many with the Xbox Games With Gold scheme failing to really enthuse any but the most hardened of gamers. But October is nearly gone and November is almost in full swing, so does it fair any better in the free games stakes?

Well, that all depends on the system you game on as Xbox 360 owners should be much happier than their Xbox One counterparts.

And much of that is down to the initial game that 360 gamers will be able to get their mitts on. Dirt 3 is quite probably the pinnacle of the Dirt series, if only because the Gymkhana mode is one of the most addictive multiplayer offerings out there. We’ve all seen Ken Block do his stuff for real, but Dirt 3 gives us the chance to do just that on our Xbox 360’s, hooning it up like never before. Throw in a ton of party games and Dirt 3 is made for online multiplayer – an online multiplayer that should see a ton of people playing it thanks to the freeness!

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Xbox One Games With Gold situation. Pneuma: Breath of Life a puzzle title that will make you stop, take a breath and think about exactly what is going on…but even then, you may struggle to understand much of it. For a game that sells itself on ‘perception, observation, and attention to detail’, it’s a shame that many of the puzzles included are solved with nothing more than a huge amount of trial and error with the very best bit of the title occurring right at the very end. If you can manage to fight off the frustration of the majority that precedes it that is.

Come the middle of the month and Xbox One owners will then get the chance to move into the unknown as another brand new titles drops via the Games With Gold scheme. Knight Squad has been likened to Bomberman and first thoughts would indeed be positive on that front. But many a game has tried to replicate the joy of that original bombing party game with little success…I guess the fact that with many Xbox One gamers jumping in with Knight Squad, it has as good a chance as any; but until we play it, no one can be sure!

360 gamers will get to end November on another high with the rather decent Dungeon Seige 3 being stripped of its price. Only four years old, DS3 brings about the usual dungeon crawling and hack and slashing that we’ve become accustomed too and if either of those are your thing, then Games With Gold will see you sorted yet again. It’s a complete and utter opposite to the first free 360 title of the month, but it does at least give us an opportunity to broaden our gaming horizons somewhat.

And that’s a damn good thing!

November Games With Gold Rating:

Xbox One – 3/5

Xbox 360 – 4/5


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6 years ago

I really enjoyed Pneuma, its dialogue, atmosphere, and not-too-difficult puzzles. Granted, it was hard to justify its full price, but I’m glad Gold members can try it free now.

6 years ago

all those games are terrible.

Neil Watton
Reply to  John
6 years ago

Seriously John? Guess you haven’t played Dirt 3 at the very least?