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The highs of the August Games With Gold free titles have long since passed, with September’s offering only really appealing to a certain set of gamers. Surely the Xbox Games With Gold scheme will be kicking on again throughout October 2015?

Well, at first glance it isn’t a great one.

October kicks off with Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes both going free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 respectively. Now, whilst neither are anywhere near poor games (in fact they are both rather good), neither inspire a great deal of confidence in the Games With Gold scheme. Those wishing to experience the Metal Gear world will have no doubt jumped on in with the excellent Phantom Pain already, and so we’re not entirely sure how Ground Zeroes now fits into the grand scheme of things.

Xbox One owners will however be a little more content with Valiant Hearts. A stunning experience combining puzzles with large bouts of emotion, The Great War is one of those ‘must play’ titles…albeit one that the vast majority of Xbox One owners will have already played!

Once the middle of the month hits, the freebies continue to come our way, although seeing the same game be stripped of its price tag on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 is disappointing to say the least. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is a superb playthrough and one of the best episodic titles that you can currently buy on either Xbox One or Xbox 360, but is it too much to ask for seeing completely unique games go for free on each system?

We’re guessing it won’t be long before we see Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season Two getting dropped nicely into a Deals With Gold sale in order to maximise the potential that giving Season One away for free brings. Funny how these things work out eh!

Overall then and whilst October will see some great games being given away for free, as a package, it’s a little disappointing to say the least. Take them for what they are though, grabbing each one as they appear for nothing and you’ll find many hours of free Xbox game time for all.

Already looking forward to November though!


Xbox One – 3.5/5

Xbox 360 – 3/5


  1. So they get games that have been free elsewhere for sometime now….? That is no way to make it enticing for some to want to make the proverbial jump.

    • ‘They’ being Xbox owners? ‘Elsewhere’ being PS? Maybe they are just trying to reward Xbox owners without needing to entice others to make the jump. I certainly wouldn’t jump from one console to another just because of a few free games.

    • But but but… Assassins creed black flag was already free on the Xbox, and now its gonna be on ps, So, this apply backwards too, stop the fanboy war my friend

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