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August was one of the best ever months for the Xbox Games With Gold scheme with some cracking titles given away for free to each and every Xbox live Gold member. But August can be firmly placed in the past as September kicks in. Surely Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners should have another decent time in the free stakes?

Well, with another new title in the offering, Deer God, the next month starts off on a bit of back foot, with Xbox One owners crossing fingers and hoping that the mixed reviews gained when the game released on PC will be moved up a notch or two with the Xbox One release. Pixel art isn’t a new phenomenon on Xbox One but the first ‘adventure’ title to make the most of it needs to bring something special to the console in order to kick the Games With Gold promotion for September off well.

It’s a little bit of a disappointing start to proceedings on Xbox 360 as well with Battlestations Pacific not exactly setting the world alight when it first dropped on 360 way back in 2009. Not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, it will however only appeal to those who are after a real time tactical battle! If something from six years ago didn’t wow the crowds, we’re struggling to see how it can do so now in 2015…even for free.

However, come the middle of the month and things begin to pick up. Xbox 360 owners gain free access to the awesome Crysis 3, a title that all gamers should find themselves taking on. One of the last really big games to hit Xbox 360, the return of Prophet pushes the old console to the very limits with some of the best work from Crytek on show. With last months free 360 games, Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, being quality titles, it’s good to see another game come along that should keep all older generation owners happy for some time yet.

Xbox One owners should also be more than pleased with the hump of the month as the outstanding Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition finally goes free. Already previously stripped of its price on Xbox 360 and reduced numerous times on Xbox One via the Deals With Gold sale, many One gamers may have already checked out the rebooted and re-suited Lara Croft…but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be hitting it again. It’s a top way to end the month and with it rolling on into October as well, there is absolutely no reason to not get it downloaded.

Overall then, a decent end to an average month. With a bit of a dodgy start, the arrival of Lara Croft and Prophet ensure that the Games With Gold promotion for September 2015 ends on a high.

Unfortunately, September still can’t quite stand up in August’s company though!


Xbox One 3/5

Xbox 360 3/5


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