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If you’re playing The Catch: Carp & Coarse then chances are you will already be familiar with the previous fishing titles that Dovetail Games have created. And if you found yourself previously fishing from the banks of the brilliant Fishing Sim World, then you will know all about the power of Jezioro Bestii. Now though we see that old favourite return, as the latest DLC addition to The Catch: Carp & Coarse on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Available to add into your game right now The Catch: Carp & Coarse – Jezioro Bestii gives virtual anglers the opportunity to once again head to Poland, before kicking back at the side of an 18-acre lake and going on the hunt for some of the biggest of beasts. 

Jezioro Bestii was previously available as part of Fishing Sim World, but now it has been visually enhanced and hit with a multitude of new gameplay options with The Catch version. Priced at £8.79, Jezioro Bestii contains no less than 17 different types of fish, with chub, eels and barbel hugely popular. But anyone who knows The Catch will know that this is a game that focuses firmly on the Boss Fish and here and now you’ll find 25lbs+ zander, pike that reach over 50lb and catfish which tip the scales at 120lb. 

In fact Jezioro Bestii in The Catch promises 25 new Boss Fish to catch, 6 new events for you to partake in and the opportunity to master challenges that will deliver the coolest of underwater scenes. The big question that is left really is a simple one – do you have what it takes to tame the lake of the beasts in the Jezioro Bestii for The Catch: Carp & Coarse on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

If you have the base game of The Catch in place – and you should because it’s very very good – then heading to the usual digital store of your choice will allow you to add Jezioro Bestii into your game. Let us know if you do, we’d love to hear what fish you catch. And if you find yourself struggling to nail those biggest of catches, check out our tips and tricks guide for The Catch.

DLC Description:

Your favourite venue is back, but now packed with visual enhancements and new gameplay features. The existing stock has grown to epic weights creating a whole new angling experience. This is truly the best of Jezioro Bestii! Found in the mountains of Poland is an 18-acre lake that is a closely guarded secret by those that visit. A spectacular venue containing fish that should be on every anglers’ wish list. Containing 17 different species of fish, this time including chub, eels and barbel, the venue suits every type of Boss Fish hunter but it’s the predator fish that really stand out. Locate record breaking zander that weigh 25lb, pike of over 50lb and catfish up to 120lb. That is not all though, whilst spinning for predators, you can also set your traps for carp to 50lb or float fish for barbel to a colossal 22lb. With 25 new Boss Fish to hunt and catch, 6 events and mastery challenges with the reward of an underwater scene, can you tame the lake of the beasts?

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