Ancestors Legacy is a historically accurate real-time strategy game influenced by the historical events of the Middle Ages – and it’s coming to Xbox One and PC in 2018. Want to take a first look at one of the four tribes available in the game?

Due for arrival come Q2 2018, Ancestors Legacy from Destructive Creations and 1C, will see you taking command of a huge army, as you storm your way through medieval Europe in an extensive series of campaigns. Four tribes will be available – Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans, and Slavs – but you will be tasked with more than just conquering, raiding, or pillaging enemy camps, villages, and towns. Only by utilizing the full range of tactical options, taking strategic advantage of the environment, and managing your temporary bases and settlements will you emerge victorious.

The game brings together both resource management and base building with large-scale, squad-based battles across vast battlefields, all rendered in stunning detail thanks to that lovely Unreal Engine 4. You’ll get to experience medieval bloodshed like never before thanks to the cinematic action camera that puts you right in to the heart of the battle.

You need to be brave, you need to be resistant to pain, you need to be quick, and you need to be prepared for all the inconveniences a warriors life may bring. Oh, and you need to watch the trailer below. The “Rebuilding Forces” gameplay video with developer’s commentary will show you exactly how important tactics, combat features unique to your troop, the ability to move stealthily, or having a hero on your side will be

Vikings play the role of aggressors in the game, so they dont have permanent buildings that may be considered a base. Their tactics are based on an ambushattackretreat formula, and it works frightfully well for them. They do have some simple settlements, though, and its worth noting that they are based on military camps from the 10th11th century. The tribe as such is based on Vikings who lived in the area of modernday Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the period between the 9th and 11th centuries.

Features of the game include:

  • 4 playable nations – Extensive single player campaign inspired by historical events and people.
  • Victory or defeat – Intense battles in multiplayer mode in cruel medieval realism.
  • Outsmart your enemies – Advanced tactical options that combine the use of terrain, experience, and morale.
  • Cinematic battle camera view – Put yourself right in the center of the brutal action.
  • Outstanding visual fidelity – Ancestors Legacy is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and features more than 1,600 in-game animations.
  • Expand – Streamlined resource management and village construction.

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