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AndaSeat Mask 2 Gaming Desk Review


andaseat mask 2 gaming desk

When you’re settling down for a gaming session, no matter which platform is preferred, you need to be sat comfortably and the equipment used to play – like monitors, consoles, keyboards etc. – must have a place to call home too. Now, it’s quite obvious from their name that AndaSeat are gaming chair specialists (AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair), but they also offer a small range of gaming desks that could be suitable for numerous setups. After honing in on their AndaSeat Mask 2 Gaming Desk, possessing an RRP of £299.99, I decided to see if it’s worth paying a premium for and whether the quality could actually enhance the gaming experience.

Although the dimensions are quite possibly the most boring bits, they’re super important as there’s no point in buying a Mask 2 Gaming Desk if it won’t fit snug in your gaming room or isn’t big enough for your setup. The latter shouldn’t be an issue, with a length of 120cm and 60cm in width providing a large area; even taking into account the slight cutout in the desk to get you closer to the action, it’s still 57cm. Height-wise, it’s 75cm from the floor to the very top and the tabletop itself has a 2cm thickness, hence you’ve got a 73cm space underneath the desk.

That’s when the Mask 2 Gaming Desk is all up and running of course, but it obviously won’t arrive ready-made and some assembly is required. There’s a visual guide, the parts are numbered and they’ve even thrown in the handful of tools you’ll need, which are hex keys and a screwdriver. As long as you’re a semi-experienced DIY person, it’ll take no longer than an hour for the desk to reach its final form. The only minor criticism is that absolute beginners in this field could do with more written instructions to accompany the pictures in order to avoid misinterpretation.

Initial impressions are that it’s a sturdy desk and moves fairly smoothly across a laminate floor on its disc-like feet. Don’t be mistaken though, for you won’t see it sliding all over the place and unless you intentionally put a bit of force into the movement,you can have peace of mind the desk is staying put. The carbon fiber finish on the top is a texture that’s great to the touch and despite a number of different things being placed upon it already, there are no scratches or signs of wear as of yet. 

The difference between a good desk and a great one is more to do with the little extras, which show that the creators have considered multiple situations and really thought about what a gamer needs. It’s thirsty work when you’re decimating squads on Call of Duty or preparing for a League Cup final on Football Manager, so having an optional cup holder is very useful. You can position it on either front corner and it’s suitable for almost any mug or glass, with a section missing to allow for handles. It’s much better to have your drink somewhere safe like that instead of on top of the desk where spillage would be a nightmare.

Other nifty features include a hook on either side – which is rock solid – to hang your headphones or headset on, and a basket near the backside for resting cables in or even a laptop power pack. There are also two circular segments atop the desk which you can feed cables through from underneath. You just twist them to open up a small gap, while they are completely removable to allow for the thicker cables. Furthermore, the desk comes with five cable clip style add-ons to stick anywhere you want, although you may wish to use two for the LED light related wiring.

Yes, you read that correctly, the AndaSeat Mask 2 Gaming Desk has LED lights on both left and right sides of the structural design. These are powered by plugging a USB cord into your PC, laptop and such, causing an initial display containing five different colours – red, blue, green (an obvious favourite), magenta, and cyan. It would have been good to know how to alter the colour from the outset, but after messing about with the buttons, it will enable you to cycle through them to find your chosen colour and then you can leave it pulsating. During an evening session it looks very cool and it’s just bright enough to create ambiance within the play area.

Having tried various setups, the length of the desk is beyond what you’d normally anticipate and all of the additional features help to avoid messiness and clutter. There’s more than enough room for a PC tower, a sizable monitor, a keyboard/mouse, a capture card, and a few collectables. Alternatively, it works well for a large gaming laptop with a podcast microphone to one side and the mouse/mouse mat combo in front, showcasing the excellent width. In both setups, there’s still space for the likes of a console, multiple monitors, or anything else you need at hand while gaming.

What it boils down to here is whether you want a functional, reliable, high quality desk that’s easy to maintain, fit for multiple purposes, and won’t be too tricky to keep tidy. The AndaSeat Mask 2 Gaming Desk ticks all of those boxes and then dazzles with its fancy lights to sweeten the deal. Surely it’s worth paying a premium for a desk that is built to last and considers most of your needs, right? Well, I believe it is.

Massive thanks to AndaSeat for kitting us out with the AndaSeat Mask 2 Gaming Desk to review. Should you wish to grab one for yourself, head on over to the official AndaSeat site!

James Birks
James Birks
Been gaming casually since the SNES as a youngster but found my true passion for games on the Playstation 1 (the forbidden word ooo). My addiction grew to its pinnacle with the purchase of an Xbox 360 & Xbox Live Service. A recovering GS hunter that will still play literally any game.
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