Ready your aim as the birds in need of anger managment are back in a whole new style. Add sound effects. lightsabres, space and a furball to the normal flying destructors and we have Angry Birds Star Wars which is arriving on Xbox 360 (Friday 1st Nov) and coming soon to Xbox One.

To mark the launch of this galactic edition of everyones favourite time passer by, there’s a trailer to entice you to purchase it. Although I’m not sure an awkwardly put together family is what I want to see, however if you look closely enough you will see some gameplay footage.



Still debating which console to get it on? Well if you want it sooner there’s no choice apart from the Xbox 360 but if you want a little extra to your game wait for Xbox One that has improved Kinect features and unique timed challenges to deliver fresh enjoyment into the future. I for one cannot wait to reclaim my addiction to causing harm to those smug green piggies (with a dark side now)

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