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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Another Dawn, it’s to check a Lonely Planet Guide for local drug cartels before we go on holiday. The poor bugger at the centre of Another Dawn has neglected to find out about local crime hotspots, and has come back to his shack to find his family kidnapped, which is a good deal more problematic than getting some Traveller’s Cheques nicked. Rather than petition at a local embassy, he has decided to do the next best thing. He picks up a nearby Uzi and starts lighting up the island, as if he’s Liam Neeson with a very specific set of skills. Another Dawn is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

Previously releasing on PC via Steam, what develops in Another Dawn on Xbox is a solo campaign with a tropical backdrop, and you’re using whatever guns and materials you can to take the fight to the cartels. This is a first-person adventure that regularly switches into an outright FPS shooter.

Another Dawn has survival elements, as you search for food and drink that will keep you from keeling over. There’s a complete physics system here too, so you won’t just be using the environment to subsist – you can make improvised items to take on the gangs.

There’s a phrase in the press materials that catches our eye, which is that it has non-scripted AI. We’re at a loss what that means (can AI be unscripted?), but it might at least mean that the enemies are unpredictable. The trailer, too, has some quirks, as it looks like aliens or zombies (the models don’t make it clear which) will make an appearance.

In all honesty, the trailer for Another Dawn doesn’t fill us with confidence that this will be a Far Cry Predator for the 2020s. There’s a lo-fi, ramshackle look to the experience, which might be endearing but may well cause it to come up short. But rather than make assumptions that this will be another Strike Force 2: Terrorist Hunt, we’ll swallow them and give the lowdown in an upcoming review.

Features include:

  • Engaging story, adventurous mix of action, survival and shooting.
  • Experience freedom while exploring extended semi-open world levels, like breathtaking tropical landscapes and huge mountain tunnels.
  • Find food, drinks, improvised weapons and everything you need to survive in the wild nature.
  • Run, swim, fight and shoot, taking on mercenaries and non-humans creatures, while exploring every corner of the island.
  • Non-scripted artificial intelligence: enemies tend to react actively and differently according to their own properties and your in-game behaviour.
  • Choose your favorite game mode: grab your preferred weapon and kill everybody face to face, or bypass enemies stealthily.
  • Realistic physics, implementing different impact reactions to materials and water floating system.

Another Dawn is out now on Xbox One and optimised for Xbox Series X|S, starting at £16.74 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on PC. 

Game Description:

A quiet holiday on a tropical island suddenly becomes your worst nightmare when a ruthless criminal organization kidnaps your family. Battle against hunger, thirst, unscrupulous mercenaries and wild creatures in order to stay alive and save your beloved!

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