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The battle of the tennis games reached dizzy heights in 2018 when AO Tennis went up against Tennis World Tour. There could only be one winner, and it was AO Tennis that was crowned champion. Today though BIGBEN and Big Ant Studios are back with the sequel, and in AO Tennis 2 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, tennis fans are in for a world of delight. 

Available to purchase and download this very minute on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, AO Tennis 2 is the second game in the official Australia Open series, allowing fans the opportunity to once more take to the courts and aim for the glory of the professional game. 

Priced at £45.00, AO Tennis 2 sees BIGBEN and Big Ant take everything they learnt with the first game, before moving things up a notch or two, delivering an all-new narrative driven career mode, a deep content editor, and the opportunity for players to customise every element of their game. 

There are obviously new features and improvements too, and after listening in to the community, the dev team have been able to implement a ton of new features. And what’s more, it includes some of the brightest lights from the real-world scene too, with players from the ATP and WTA – like Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Angélique Kerber and many others all included. Expect to be playing your tennis on the most complete courts too, with all the venues used in the 2020 Australian Open in place. 

With hopes high that AO Tennis 2 can build on the great beginnings of the original game, there is a chance that tennis fans have never had it so good. Whether it all plays out like that though won’t be discovered until our full review is live. Keep an eye out for it as it’ll be with you very soon. 

Edit: Our review of AO Tennis 2 on Xbox One is now live.

For now though, the usual digital stores will give you the usual access to the download of AO Tennis 2. Whether you hit up the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop or your favourite PC spot matters little to us – just get on the court and prove once and for all you have the tennis skills required. 

Game Description:

A PLAYING FIELD MADE FOR YOU, BY YOU • Use the comprehensive Academy editing suite to create a player just like YOU as well as your own courts, or you can download thousands of community creations. THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD • See how you compare to the big names on the ATP & WTA circuits, including Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Angelique Kerber and many more. A COMPLETELY REDESIGNED CAREER MODE • Set out to conquer the world rankings in a singles career or in doubles with a friend. Manage your Reputation, sponsors and performance to reach the top. NEW GAME MODES • Relive legendary matches or create new challenges using the scenario editor.

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