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It was obvious that the future of Aragami was bright, with the release of the original game and that of Aragami: Shadow Edition on Xbox providing players with not just a beautiful world, but the chance to enjoy a lovingly crafted master-ninja power trip. Aragami 2 has big shoes to fill in fact, but come September it’ll be looking to excite players once again. And confirmation of a new gameplay trailer and full release date certainly means it’s on track to do so. 

Aragami 2 has been created by those at Lince Works and will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC on September 17th 2021. Yet before that time, the latest trailer gives insight into the variety of enemies that we’ll come across, as well as a first look at the combat, the stealth and the stunning powers that will be present. 

Evolving the stealth-action franchise, Aragami 2 will see players facing the incoming terror of the Akatsuchi Empire, as it looks to invade and destroy the Rashomon Valley. It’s here where the Aragami come together as a clan, prepared to defend their own at all costs, all whilst utilising the shadows to help their cause. 

Aragami 2 will look to take what was great about the original game – one that many players got hooked on thanks to the beautifully crafted world and classic ninja experience – by building in enhanced stealth mechanics, a new strategic combat system, a gripping narrative and the chance to play either alone or with friends through up-to-3-player co-op. It’ll also look to deliver a ton of customisation in terms of the weaponry and armor that is present, along with a wide variety of skills and abilities. 

aragami 2 screen 1

Linch Works promise to reveal more soon too. 

“We’ve grown a lot since working on the original game and, as a larger studio, we have an opportunity to realize all the full potential of Aragami with this sequel,” explains David León, game director at Lince Works. “One of the things that we are truly excited about is the new combat system which not only gives existing fans a new way to play but welcoming new players with a more intense gameplay experience in Aragami 2.”

Aragami 2 will launch in digital form on September 17th 2021, sitting at a price around £34.99, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC via Steam. There will also be physical editions coming from the Merge Games team, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 players in Europe able to treat themselves on the same day, with physical orders pushed to September 21st 2021 for those in North America.

Give the latest gameplay trailer a watch and then let us know what you are hoping to see from Aragami 2. 

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