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As online gaming and mobile app video games have risen in popularity since the birth of the internet, so have online betting opportunities. It’s easier now than ever to download an app and bet on e-sport players through sites like Sbobet

Online gambling opportunities are even popping up in games intended for all audiences, including children, through loot box lotteries. You might not be familiar with the term, but it’s likely you’ve encountered loot box winning opportunities in your favorite mobile game. 

Are these boxes just part of the virtual fun, or is it possible to win big through your favorite games? Find out here, as we share everything you need to know about loot boxes.

What Are Loot Boxes?

A loot box is a virtual prize. It is often packaged in a “box” presentation until you open it. What you receive you can use to help you win or achieve successful results in-game. Loot boxes can come in the form of weapons, material items, coins, as well as bonus time or additional lives. Basically, a box item increases your likelihood of achievement within gameplay…at a cost. 

Loot boxes cost money to purchase. This purchase is called a micro-transaction. It’s essentially like paying for an in-game upgrade. These boxes are a way for app developers to ensure a profit from users, despite the games being mostly free to install. You must use a credit card to purchase loot items, which then are available to use in the game.

What Do Players Think?

Many players, particularly children, love using loot boxes to boost game performance. Boxes are an opportunity to receive a reward without having to work for it. They (or more likely their parents) have to pay for it. 

However, they turn off dedicated gamers. In a competitive game, a player who purchases loot bonuses can use advanced weapons and powerful locked characters and do much better in the game than a player that doesn’t play. Many feel as though these give players an unfair advantage. Do players really deserve a high score just because they could pay for loot box advantages? 

Some lawmakers also believe that loot boxes should be illegal, under the assumption that this gameplay perk is actually gambling. It’s currently a divided issue among legal professionals, app developers, and gamers. 

Some say loot boxes do not constitute gambling, because they do not carry a losing risk. Unlike a traditional bet, in which players put money up with a risk of losing their investment, loot box players simply earn for what they pay for without any consequences. 

Are Loot Boxes Betting? 

This is a question that lawmakers throughout the world are trying to answer. Each country has its own stand on whether these boxes constitute gambling, and it seems that certain games are more obvious targets for criticism than others.

Some box rewards can be converted to real-life monetary rewards on games developed by Valve, which allows users to trade box currency on the Steam Community Market. Other websites allow players to convert their box currency to real money.   

Bottom line: loot boxes are a gray area for gambling. Sure, you can cash in your earnings and receive perks from other players, but it’s not necessarily considered as gambling. 

If you’re looking to bet online and win big with a guarantee, it’s best to stick to e-Sports!