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Blokes love tanks. There is just something universally appealing to tanks when males are involved. Whether that starts from a young age or not, blokes just love tanks. And Arenas of Tanks, out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, allows those early childhood games of playing with toy tanks to come to life.

Not to be confused with World of Tanks – though the cynic in me thinks the developer Petite Games wants you to confuse the two – Arenas of Tanks is a much smaller affair. This vehicular combat game features much smaller tanks like those found in Attack of the Toy Tanks as you battle against the smaller variants of their hulking brothers.

Those aforementioned arenas will feature lots of cover to hide behind, but these walls also have a double feature. You can ricochet projectiles off of them; if you enemy is hiding behind a corner, a well-placed bank shot can still see you claiming the victory.

In Arenas of Tanks, expect to find:

  • Toy tank tactical action
  • Choose from 5 different arenas
  • Choose from 5 different gameplay goals
  • Earn tanks for your team
  • Epic boss combat

What is probably worth mentioning however, is that Arenas of Tanks doesn’t feature local multiplayer. Those expecting to blast friends and foes alike away with their huge cannons may need to look elsewhere.

Arenas of Tanks is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.99. Being a Ratalaika Games title, there is the standard introductory discount, reducing the price to £3.99 for a short time. Expect to see our review soon too, once we’ve spellchecked there isn’t any mistaken World of Tanks instead of Arenas of Tanks phrases.

Game description

Arenas Of Tanks is a fun and imaginative experience of being a toy tank. In each level, you’ll face off against opposing toy vehicles in a challenge emphasizing movement and accuracy. Find cover, use the radar, shoot and ricochet projectiles, and find scraps to replenish your health and gain bonus points. Trade in points to recruit friendly tanks to join the battle and enhance your team. Arenas Of Tanks offers the choice between multiple colorful arenas, varied game objectives, and devastating bosses to battle against.

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