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There is seemingly no stopping the ARK: Survival Evolved train as another new change hits the Xbox One Preview title.

The latest Xbox One update has been unveiled and brings several new dinosaurs, gadgets, weapons and upgrades to get it even closer to the PC version. This time round we see the introduction of Giant Beavers and a flappy Terror Bird – all of which are tamable and trainable, helping you make the world of the Ark your own.

Alongside that we will now have access to Grappling Hooks and can take prisoners into custody with the newly implemented Handcuffs.

But that’s not all for this week sees the Ark float towards a release in 11 new countries with players in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and Turkey now given the chance to join Studio Wildcard’s huge world.

ark grappling hook

ARK Survivors will find the Giant Beaver, aka Castoroides Feliconcisor, to be super-cuddly, but also super useful since it can build dams, harvest and carry vast quantities of wood, and act as a mobile crafting station. Plus, they can swim! The Terror Bird, or Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor, is a tamable, aggressive avian capable of high-speed sprints and brief leaps, but it doesn’t technically fly, as its flight is comprised of short, sustained “Joust”-like glides or leaps.

Amongst the human population, Studio Wildcard has introduced two new game-changing tools, the Grappling Hook and Handcuffs. The Grappling Hook gives Survivors the ability to scale cliffs, hitch a ride by attaching to a flying creature, or even wrangle other players, prisoners, or small creatures to drag along. Learning how to regularly use this tool will alter the nature of player attacks and dramatically expand the range of their travels with greater ease. The new Handcuffs ensure that prisoners don’t escape and aren’t violent. Wildcard Studio encourages Survivors to get onto their ARK now to ensure they’re the ones doing the Handcuffing, and not the other way around!

The full list of today’s updates are as follow:

  • DINOS: Tame, Train and Ride the Giant Beaver and the Terror Bird
  • TOOLS: Use new tools including the Grappling Hook and the Handcuffs
  • TRIBE ALLIANCES (PvE and PvP). Yes, finally, small Tribes can band together against larger ones!
  • Approximately 20% performance increase!
  • All options exposed for dedicated servers, finally! Even custom lists of Engrams & Dino Multipliers, etc!
  • Numerous crash fixes
  • Community-contributed Game Localization in 8+ languages — French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish

ARK: Survival Evolved is available right now as an Xbox One Preview title. You’ll be seeing its full release in the summer of 2016 but if you do fancy getting involved a bit early, check out our full preview and take a chance.


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