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It’s pretty safe to say that ARK: Survival Evolved has been a bit of an Xbox One hit. Today, Studio Wildcard has delivered its first major update including 2016’s first playable denizen – a giant rideable prehistoric kangaroo

The gigantic hopping Procoptodon is a bit of a distance beast. Easily leaping leaping over obstacles with two players, one controlling the massive beast while the pouch-bound passenger can make effective use of all weaponry while riding, it’s sure to be something you should be searching for when you next drop into the Ark.

Additionally, a rather large number of feature updates are also now in place with more than 100 official servers being opened up and content parity coming in line with the PC version. They include:

  • Dino rebalancing
  • The addition of a primitive cage and stone fireplace items
  • Fixed Cave Loading crash/fall-thru
  • Improved performance: better framerate, less stalls
  • Fixed crosshair not appearing
  • Fixed potential loss of character save data in local mode
  • Fixed fur armor colorization
  • Improved speed of server listing
  • Fixed Taming Dinos losing Inventories/messed-up-Inventories upon reloading single player save game
  • Fixed a memory leak that was typically causing crashes around the Volcano area

If you haven’t yet got involved, check out our full preview and have a little think about what you want in life. If it is taming dinosaurs, then you should be getting it downloaded right now.

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

I wonder if they will improve the graphics someday…

6 years ago

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6 years ago

This is considered a BIG update? This looks like a minor update designed around stability increases and general bug fixes….