We’ve seen a number of game bundles hit Xbox One over the last few weeks, with Artifex Mundi being right at the forefront of the action. Now though they’ve sent over their biggest bundle yet – one which delivers no less than six Xbox One titles.

Available for £35.99, the Artifex Mundi Adventure Collection promises to send you on, well, an adventure…and adventure which takes you through a steampunk world, a Slavic heritage park and a magical forest. It’ll also give you the opportunity to save a mermaid, rescue your daughter and investigate a strange, mysterious preacher. What’s not to like!?

Of course, you can do all this in the following titles, all of which fill the Adventure Collection’s world…

Should you be interested and haven’t yet picked up the majority of the games listed above (make sure you read our reviews as we reckon you’re missing something special), then the Artifex Mundi Adventure Collection should well be considered. Hop on over to the Xbox Games Store if you fancy a bit of adventure.

Game Description:

Are you the type of gamer that enjoys a full experience? Get this bundle of six marvelous games for the ultimate Artifex Mundi experience! Enter a mysterious Slavic heritage park, become a secret agent in a steampunk world, visit a magic forest filled with dark secrets, rescue your daughter from the clutches on an undead pirate, save a beautiful mermaid from a terrible curse, and investigate the case of a mysterious preacher…The world of Artifex Mundi adventures awaits!


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