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Turn based RPG fan? Ash of Gods: Redemption looks to be right up your street.

Releasing today on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Ash of Gods: Redemption comes about via the teams at Ravenscourt and Buka Entertainment to deliver a deep RPG that not only sees a constantly evolving, ever-revolving storyline, but a whole ton of choice, decision and complexity to boot.

Priced up at £24.99, Redemption does away with the Triple-A price tag that accompanies many games to instead provide access at a very reasonable price; particularly when you take into account the amount of content included.

With a stunning art style, great music, deep tactical combat and a narrative which is consistently pushed along by you – the player – Ash of Gods: Redemption on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC looks to have it all.

Features include:

  • Roguelike-Storytelling: Rich and unpredictable story with 3 main characters each with a different fate, morale and duty. A truly non-linear storytelling with 7 completely different endings without a “Game Over” screen – all PC and most of the NPC characters are mortal, but the story will go on even without them.
  • Deep Turn-Based Combat System: While visually Ash of Gods follows traditions of the genre, the combat system was designed to enrich player experience and force him to risk his team members in order to win the battle.
  • Incredible Art-Style: Thedark fantasy world of Ash of Gods is a truly incredible place with amazing characters both story wise and visual. Combat animations were created using rotoscopy technology where live actors are filmed and drawn over to create the most life-like 2D animations.
  • Soundtrack by Adam Scorupa: All the tracks were written by Adam Scorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, famous composers, well known for their work on The Witcher series, Painkiller, Call of Juarez, Eve Online and Iron Harvest. Every track was recorded live by professional musicians, often using traditional instruments rarely encountered in contemporary recordings. All songs will be available with covers, credits and full meta tags.

Wish to get involved? The usual digital stores will happily sort you out with the required download. Whether you head over to our preferred call of the Xbox Store in order to grab the game on Xbox One, or wish to hit up the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop or the PC scene, is totally up to you. Just be sure to get a download however you see fit.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming review of Ash of Gods: Redemption on Xbox One too. It’ll be with you real soon. In order to tempt you in a bit more though, there’s the usual launch trailer accompanying the arrival of the game. Check it out and let us know your thoughts by dropping in to the comments.

Game Description:

Ash of Gods: Redemption is a turn-based RPG that combines tactical combat, CCG elements, and a constantly evolving story in which no one is safe from death, including the main characters. Ash of Gods is the story of three separate protagonists rising in response to a centuries-old menace once thought to be mere folklore. Ash of Gods’ storyline is constantly evolving in response to players’ choices, sometimes even resulting in death. But, the death of a character is not game over. Instead, the story moves forward with the death of that character and previous choices continuing to impact future events. Combat in Ash of Gods is a blend of both traditional turn-based strategy and CCG gameplay. While individual tactics will depend upon the skills and classes of your characters, you will unlock and accumulate cards that have the power to unleash powerful abilities, sometimes altering the course of an entire battle.

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