ac-locus-2-cover-bSo here is the next installment of the new Assassin’s Creed comic book saga, Locus: The Last Descendants, set in both the Victorian timeline and of course the modern day. In the last issue, we where introduced to our hero of the Victorian age, Tommy Greyling and his quest to find the strange alien artifact, a piece of Eden. We followed him across the ocean from America to the rooftops of London, where by at the end of issue one, he was saved by AC Syndicate’s Evie Frye and Henry Green, from death at the hands of a mysterious female assassin. In the modern times, we were introduced to Mr. Greyling’s ancestor, a young man who is wheelchair bound, using the animus to find out information about Eden for a mysterious powerful man.

Issue #1 was a good start to the series with some solid action sequences, an interesting premise and a likeable modern narrative. It did however have a ponderous beginning, so I was eager to see how this well this second episode starts. I can safely say it opens well and the saga has definitely got me hooked.

It starts with another quite talky section on a boat from America to London with Tommy Greyling and American author Mark Twain. Mark Twain reveals to Greyling more about the conspiracy theories regarding the mysterious pieces of Eden and Greyling talks to him about the Republican politics, intrigue and attempted assassinations. The dialogue is very snappy with interesting perspectives, angles and dynamic shots. The second part of the story takes us briefly back to the modern age and we see Greyling’s ancestor report back his findings to the powerful shadowy figure ac_locus_02_strip_letteredbcontrolling the Animus. We find out that these constant Animus sessions are taking a toll on the lad and there is a hint he is being pushed to his physical limits.

The third part of Issue 2 sees us back in London town and putting all our players – Twain, Greyling, Evie and Henry – in the police morgue discussing the repercussions from the chase on the rooftops the night before. The conversations go on to Evie and Henry’s dealings with the criminal underworld and a group of thugs called the ‘Blighters”, and their links to the story. The final section is all played out in a meat market in London where they’re looking for the female assassin amongst other conspirators. This section develops into a massive fight and action scene that reads brilliantly and visually has verve, excitement and suspense. The final couple of frames leave a superb cliffhanger and hints at great thrills for the next chapter.

The visual style in this issue felt more alive and dynamic then in the previous. Maybe I’ve gotten used to the world and tone of the story, but there were some nice uses of angles that really brought the story alive. The colouring, especially in the London scenes, is fantastic, drawing on the smoky, night-time, Victorian ac_locus_02_strip_letteredb2underworld themes. There’s some lovely art work on the covers for these issues as well, making you want to frame them and put them up in the hallway.

Overall, the story is moving at a good pace now with some intense action sequences, blended superbly with the storytelling of the issue. I am really looking forward to seeing much more of the modern world and discover who these characters are and what the effect of going back in time has of them. In the Victorian times, in truth, I find Greyling a bit dull, but there are plenty of colourful support acts with him and a peach of a villain.

I am now waiting the next one with anticipation and excitement.


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