acl_4_cover-aSo here we are again with the epic Assassin’s Creed Locus saga really hotting up and coming to the boil. Like an old 1950’s TV series, the last episode left us on an action packed cliffhanger and kept me wondering what was going to happen next.

The Last Descendants: Locus is a story, which is set in both the Victorian timeline, and of course as is the case with all of Assassin’s Creed are in the modern day as well. In the last issue our main focus was on the modern age timeline showing how Sean, the ancestor of Tommy Greyling, was coping with the effort of entering the Animus and how he is pushing himself too far. We also learnt more about his friends, their concerns about Sean and the whole organization they are working for.

The Victorian timeline meanwhile told us more about the Templars, their hold over society and the quest for an ancient scroll in the British Museum. The final frames featured a massive brawl, ending with Tommy chasing the mysterious lady nemesis on horse and carriage through candlelit London.

This third episode made the saga become stronger with some interesting lore, development of the ac_locus_4_preview-2modern day story and great character development. The artwork was dynamic and fresh, with some great action sequences. So how does the new issue fare? Can issue #4 – the conclusion of this current arc – keep the momentum going?

Well, things start exactly where they left off last time – within a chase sequence. Here we see Tommy chasing the ruthless female nemesis throughout London. This sequence is fun, vibrant and full of energy in both its storytelling and visuals. When the story switches to the modern day, we discover what happens and the implications that take hold when a mission in the animus runs its course, and there are no more leads to follow. Sean is gutted about this turn of events because he won’t be able to experience the feeling he gets from being in the animus anymore.

He has also developed an emotional connection with Greyling, his ancestor, that will be hard to break away from. Sean’s friends console him, before working out that the story isn’t finished yet as his ancestor needs to find out more information about the scroll. After persuading the mysterious man, Sean, to his delight, heads back into the animus to search out more information. This second act works well and gives another useful insight into the mechanics of the team of youngsters working for the mysterious man and the team behind the animus.

ac_locus_4_preview-3The final act takes Tommy Greyling on a trip back to America and an encounter with his nemesis once again. But instead of fisticuffs, the encounter is much more of the chatty kind, adding depth to the strange relationship dynamic the two characters have. There is a surprise ending to this confrontation and a revelation to check out, until we finally go back to the modern world to see a small hint of further secrets from the mysterious man.

Overall, this is a bumper issue of the Locus saga, running much longer and deeper than the previous issues. The action sequences are fun and lively with great use of composition. The story itself really does feel strong and moves along at a neat pace with loads of possibilities for any future way forward. The characters have developed and I especially love the woman assassin in the Victorian age and feel truly invested with Sean through the modern world.

Assassin’s Creed The Last Descendants: Locus concludes in style!


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