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Hoping that Ubisoft have a better end to 2015 than they did with 2014? Looking to splash some cash on the latest Assassin’s Creed title? Well, Syndicate is now available for digital preorder and predownload on Xbox One.

Making the most of the Xbox One’s preorder and predownload feature, you can grab Syndicate right now, getting your download in early and ensuring you are fully prepared for the 23rd October 2015 when the full game releases.

Hit the links and be whisked to a world where London was a better place (it was, wasn’t it?)

Standard Edition includes the Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy – £54.99

Gold Edition includes all the above plus Season Pass, A Long Night and Huntsman Outfit – £69.99

Game Description:

Pre-order now to unlock the additional Dickens and Darwin Conspiracy content. London, 1868. In the heart of the Industrial Revolution, lead your underworld organization and grow your influence to fight those who exploit the less privileged in the name of progress: • Champion justice As Jacob Frye, a young and reckless Assassin, use your skills to help those trampled by the march of progress. From freeing exploited children used as slave labour in factories, to stealing precious assets from enemy boats, you will stop at nothing to bring justice back to London’s streets. • Command London’s underworld To reclaim London for the people, you will need an army. As a gang leader, strengthen your stronghold and rally rival gang members to your cause, in order to take back the capital from the Templars’ hold. • A new dynamic fighting system In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, action is fast-paced and brutal. As a master of combat, combine powerful multi-kills and countermoves to strike your enemies down. • A whole new arsenal Choose your own way to fight enemies. Take advantage of the Rope Launcher technology to be as stealthy as ever and strike with your Hidden Blade. Or choose the kukri knife and the brass knuckles to get the drop on your enemies. • A new age of transportation In London, the systemic vehicles offer an ever-changing environment. Drive carriages to chase your target, use your parkour skills to engage in epic fights atop high-speed trains, or make your own way amongst the boats of the River Thames. • A vast open world Travel the city at the height of the Industrial Revolution and meet iconic historical figures. From Westminster to Whitechapel, you will come across Darwin, Dickens, Queen Victoria… and many more.

Make your way over to the Xbox One Games Store now and choose your flavour.


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7 years ago

Unity was rightfully panned for its laundry list of abysmal launch woes, but Rogue was largely forgotten by the gaming press since it released on the very same day. Shame too, since Rogue is pretty great. Either way, as a fan of the series I’m really looking forward to Syndicate. Not enough to pre-order, since I have no interest in paying full price to wait another few months for a broken game to get patched. I’ll grab it near launch though if it seems to be working properly.