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Assassin’s Creed Unity has received some fierce criticism from some quarters but thankfully Ubisoft are on the case and look to be fixing a fair few issues.

Whilst our review pointed to the fact that the base game is solid and more than worth your time, the odd graphical glitch and frame rate issues held it back from receiving top marks. That could however all change as a post over on the Ubisoft blog has addressed these issues and promises a fix is in the works.

The full statement is as follows:

Assassin’s Creed Unity Live Update- November 13, 2014

In this blog post, we wanted to touch on the fixes to the game that we’re working on right now.

First, as a quick reminder, a Day 1 update has already been released which fixes a number of issues. Make sure your console or PC is connected to the internet to benefit from the update’s fixes.

We are currently working on our next update that will help address some of the specific issues some players are having, including:

  • Arno falling through the ground.
  • Game crashing when joining a co-op session.
  • Arno getting caught inside of hay carts.
  • Delay in reaching the main menu screen at game start.

In addition, we are already looking into many of the other issues you’ve told us about and we have more updates planned. This list doesn’t capture everything, but here are the most widely-reported problems we’ve heard about from you:

  • Frame rate issues.
  • Graphical and collision issues.
  • Matchmaking co-op issues.
  • Helix Credits issues.

We will be providing additional details in the coming days, so check back for updates. In the meantime, please continue to send us your feedback, and leave a comment if you have any questions for us.

-The AC Live Updates Team

Hopefully we’ll be seeing any patch sooner rather than later. If the issues are indeed fixed, then Unity could well go on to be a bit of a GOTY contender.

We’ll update you once we know more.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is out now in North America and will be releasing elsewhere on Friday 14th Nov 2014.

Update: Patch 2 for AC Unity on Xbox One is now live and fixes the following…

  • Arno falling through the ground.
  • Game crashing when joining a co-op session.
  • Arno getting caught inside of hay carts.
  • Occasional long delay seen reaching the main screen at game start.

We’ll keep this updated once further patches are released.

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