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If puzzlers are your thing then it’s a good day for you as in the immediate aftermath of The Pillar: Puzzle Escape launching, there’s yet another first-person adventure full of puzzles vying for your attention. It’s the rather surreal Oneiros which is out right now on on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

In Oneiros, you’ll take on the role of the protagonist Liam who wakes up late just like any other day, but something feels different for some reason. Oddly, the doors to his room are locked, his laptop’s been hacked, his phone’s broken and nothing seems right at all. And while the surroundings definitely look similar to his room, at the same time, he’s not entirely sure. To make matters even more questionable, he just had the weirdest dream ever, is suffering from a terribly bad head, and doesn’t remember what he did yesterday.

Combining escape room concepts, classic adventure, and crafting mechanics, Oneiros is really going to put your problem solving to the test. Especially as you get to grips with the surreal nature and psychedelic visions of the narrative-driven experience. It’s the only way to break free of what feels akin to a vicious circle and to regain control of the situation at hand. Just figure out what’s going on and help Liam to escape.

Once you’re ready to confront the conundrums posed by Oneiros, simply pay a visit to the Xbox Store and part ways with £9.19 – although there’s a special discount in place for one week, meaning it’ll only cost £7.35. So, don’t delay your purchase for too long, and be sure to leave us a message below if you decide to grab it.

Game Description:

Liam wakes up late just like any other day, but something just feels different. Doors to his room are locked, laptop’s hacked, phone’s broken and something just doesn’t feel right. The place definitely looks like his room, but at the same time it just doesn’t feel like it is, anymore. He just had a weirdest dream ever, feels like his head is about to explode and he doesn’t remember what he did yesterday. Find out what’s going on and help Liam escape. Features: – immersive, story-based gameplay – beautiful surreal world filled with details – hundreds of interactive items waiting for you to discover – fully voiced characters – interactive laptop with 2 mini-games embedded – amazing graphics with advanced lighting and effects – psychedelic, dreamy visions – many puzzles to solve – escape room mechanics – many interactive, fully physics-based items – crafting/building mechanics

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