5 seconds of summer

We may be fast approaching the summer season in the northern hemisphere, but those down under will already be looking back to warmer climes. Today though it is the Australian vibe that is found delivering a number of new songs to Rocksmith, with the addition of the 5 Seconds of Summer Song Pack.

Available to purchase, download and add into your game right now, the 5 Seconds of Summer Song Pack for Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered provides fans of the Aussie pop rockers the chance to learn, play, and ultimately master some of their greatest tunes.

Interested? You’ll find the following trio of tunes included in the 5 Seconds of Summer Song Pack for Rocksmith…

  • She Looks So Perfect
  • She’s Kinda Hot
  • Amnesia

As is usually the case, each of the tunes listed above are available not just in the £6.39 5 Seconds of Summer Song Pack, but also as individual purchases. In fact you’ll find a £2.39 price tag attached to each of these songs, so if you find that your wallet can only stretch so far, or it is just the awesome She Looks So Perfect that is appealing, then the opportunity is there for you to do so.

Heading over to the usual digital stores will allow you to get the latest Rocksmith content added in to your game, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 players found embracing the Xbox Store whilst those on PS3 and PS4 will have to take a trip to the PlayStation Store.

Of course, it’s not just 5 Seconds of Summer that have seen their tunes added to the Rocksmith library and since the original Rocksmith 2014 Edition dropped, a whole ton of cracking tracks have been delivered to cater for a range of musical tastes. No matter whether you like the classics, the hardcore, the death metal, or the pop variety, the Rocksmith library will have you sorted.

Should you wish to know more about Rocksmith and what makes it the fastest way to learn guitar then our full review of the game on Xbox One will sort you out.

And don’t forget to let us know if this song pack is one that gets your juices flowing. The comments section is down below!

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