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Spartan Review

Spartan is Sinister Cyclops Game Studios’ first foray into the gaming world. A funky, classic 2D platformer in which you take control of King Leo in order to take back the City’s stolen goods and punish those responsible for their disappearance. Spartan boasts 24 levels across four distinct worlds, each with non-linear gameplay and interesting enemies and traps.

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure Review

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is a 90s style open-world platformer with a whole lot of colour, charm, and character. Players take on the role of Newbie, a sentient cardboard box prophesized to be the saviour of the soon-to-be-bankrupt Global Postal Service (GPS for short). Taking control of Newbie and learning the ropes of being a self-delivering cardboard box will see Newbie adventuring across four distinct, different worlds. If you’re a fan of physics based platforming, you’re going to love Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure.

Troll & I Review

Troll and I is an ambitious adventure puzzler with deep Nordic historic roots and a narrative fit for a fable; following an awful destruction and tragedy, a young boy befriends a sought-after beast who turns out to be a gentle giant. However, the execution of the game is a far cry from its ambitions for a plethora of reasons, making it hard to stay focused on what makes Troll and I a unique experience – the friendship between man and beast.

Warhammer Vermintide: Endtimes – Karak Azgaraz DLC Review

The Karak Azgaraz DLC features three brand new levels for you and three other heroes, be they bots or other players, to venture through, killing rat-kind in creative and gruesome ways. There are so many parallels and similarities to Left 4 Dead – in my opinion one of the definitive online co-op games of all time - it’s untrue.

5 things you can expect from Destiny’s Age of Triumph

Age of Triumph – Destiny’s last hurrah, goes live later on tonight. You will face new challenges, complete the biggest ever record book, fire new weapons and adorn new armour. Are you ready for the final push, Guardian? Here’s 5 things you can expect to be doing in the Age of Triumph event.

88 Heroes Review

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s Super- wait, no it’s not. It’s Max Velocity! Sound familiar? Didn’t think so. When the best were summoned, only these ragtag bunch of “heroes” stepped up to the pl8 to defeat Dr H8. This is 88 Heroes.

88 Heroes Hands-On Preview

88 Heroes is a 2D action-platforming game with… 88 heroes. Well, heroes is perhaps a little too kind. You’ll play as a wide variety (88, in fact) of largely useless “superheroes” to stop Dr. H8 from annihilating the Earth with 88 thermo-nuclear warheads. Oh, and you have only 88 minutes to do so.

Halo Wars 2 Review

Real-time strategy games on console are relatively hard to come by. The nature of this genre generally lends itself better to the precision and accuracy afforded to PC gamers. Being able to tactically divide up your units and wage war on a few different fronts is a huge plus in any RTS, and Halo Wars 2 is no different. With a variety of game modes for you to sink your teeth into, it’s a well-fleshed out game and even with micro-transactions included, is by no means a money grabber.

I Am Bread Review

Being wildly enthusiastic about carbohydrates, and due to the lack of any pasta or potato-based games, I jumped at the chance to play I Am Bread. If you’ve not heard of it, the game is exactly as the title describes. You must hone in on your doughy roleplaying skills and become one with the loaf. Controlling one corner of crust at a time, you must fulfil every slice of bread’s destiny: Become toast.

Kill the Bad Guy Review

Meticulous, thorough, and inconspicuous. These three things are the vital components that make any hitman a true master of mortality. Unfortunately, I possess none of these qualities, making me the unlikely choice to bring you this review. Alas, here I am. Kill the bad guy is a physics puzzler in which you will use a series of devastating hacks, traps, and perfect timing to take down bad guys who have been getting away with murder, and worse, for way too long.

Hands-on at the Halo Wars 2 Preview Event

I recently had the pleasure of attending a hands-on Halo Wars 2 event in London. I arrived at a warehouse decked in neon lights, cut-outs of key characters and a huge cinematic-style backdrop with “Halo Wars 2” logos plastered everywhere in sight. It wasn’t long before I sat down at an Xbox One station (PCs were on the opposite side but my hand-eye coordination is poor at the best of times - I needed to have the familiar Xbox One controller in my hands if I were to be effective). Surrounded by fellow gaming enthusiasts, we all loaded into a campaign mission.

Scalebound’s cancellation is a bad day for all Xbox One gamers – but what went wrong?

Scalebound, an action RPG developed by Platinum Games exclusively for the Xbox One has been cancelled. Rumours began swirling when Microsoft omitted mention of Scalebound in its Xbox Wire post which discussed the future of Xbox One. The rumours reached fever pitch yesterday when Kotaku reported that they had been in touch with Microsoft who simply replied that they’d have more information on Scalebound “soon”. The official news from Microsoft and Platinum Games came soon after. Should we have seen this coming? Why did this happen? What does this mean?

Steep Review

Steep is an open world mountain sports game from Ubisoft Annecy. There are four sports to partake in: Wingsuiting, Paragliding, Skiing, and Snowboarding. More sports are coming in the form of premium DLC, but the current selection is wide and varied enough to keep you occupied. As you level up and progress, you’ll unlock more drop zones and mountains to showcase your skills on. Steep gives you a real adrenaline rush as you hurtle down the slopes, trying your best to maintain a great trick multiplier while also trying not to snap your legs in half.

The Little Acre Review

Is there anything better than being pleasantly surprised by a game? Well, probably. Nevertheless, The Little Acre was a pleasant surprise – and a mighty big one at that. The Little Acre had flown completely under my radar, but I am so glad that I got the opportunity to play it. Being an indie game, it’s likely to not receive the same attention as those coming from larger publishers, but I’d recommend this game to anyone. After completing the game, I immediately went through and played it all over again. Want to know why? Of course you do.

The Little Acre – Hands on Preview

The Little Acre is a point-and-click adventure game set in the charming 1950s Irish countryside. Developed by Pewter Games – also based in Ireland (but present day), and published by Curve Digital, The Little Acre will be available from 13th December. I got to go hands on with the first part of The Little Acre and fell in love.

The Top 5 things about Steep

Steep is an open-world extreme sports title set on a mountain range. You can ski, snowboard, wingsuit and paraglide your way into the extreme sports record books – accruing a few broken bones along the way. After playing the closed beta, I was hooked. It’s not hard to see why. Steep is a beautiful game which opens an expansive world up to the player. The sky is literally the limit and here are my top 5 things about Ubisoft’s Steep.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered Review

Call of Duty is a truly global franchise which has, no doubt, helped the gaming industry become what it is today. It has gone from strength to strength, and love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it is a truly huge release and a massive deal whenever one is announced. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was no different in that regard – the announcement generated a load of controversy and it caught a lot of flak from journalists, fans, and gamers in general.

Mark McMorris Infinite Air Review

Mark McMorris Infinite Air is an expansive snowboarding game featuring miles and miles of fresh snow for you to carve, trick and flip your way across – mostly in a downward direction. It offers simulation gameplay and sharp visuals, as well as the ability to create your own tracks and lines. The mountain is truly yours to define!

NOW That’s What I Call Sing 2 Review

Now That’s What I Call Sing 2 is the sequel to, you guessed it, Now That’s What I Call Sing. Now Sing 2 features 30 tracks at launch, each with several different modes which you can play and enjoy with your friends. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that my musical talents end at listening to it, and sometimes I’m not particularly good at that either, so… make of that what you will.

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Lakeview Cabin Collection is full of inventiveness, playing out as a homage to the golden era of horror movies. For that, it should be applauded.

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