I'm an aspiring author who absolutely loves video games. I've written two books with plenty down the tube and decided to do a bit of video game journalism to ultimately get more intimate with a community that I've used as a resource to avoid bad games.

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Hands-on with… Extinction!

Welcome to Extinction, a game centered around a world on the brink of destruction.

Mutant Football League Review

Let's get ready to RUMBLE! Welcome to Mutant Football League, the greatest football league this side of Andromeda! For those of you who haven't been initiated to the way we operate things here at the MFL, we are an inter-species football league that allows all forms of night-spooks to compete in a competitive form of football, the likes of which you've never seen!

Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

You know, I was never any good at horse. I could never get thrilled enough to play it, I thought it needed more danger, more camaraderie, more cuddly creatures, and possibly also some hardcore platforming.

Skyforge – Tales from the Xbox One Game Preview

They say that with great power comes greater blockbuster films, or even some strange ethical dilemma that will challenge your running monologues. Or, you could be living inside of an MMO where there are countless others who have your powerset, and you're just the new recruit.

5 of the best strategy games you can play today on Xbox One

The pieces are lain and the die are cast! Whether it be a chess board or Monopoly, strategy games come in some of the greatest skins and forms that will leave you hooked as you wait for just one more turn, or in some cases, one more hour. Strategy games are, unfortunately, rare on the Xbox One, but that just makes these select '5 of the best' strategy titles even more special! They stand out for being either ahead of the curve, or for just taking strategy and logic into account. Onwards, sire!

Zenith Review

Oh, what shall we do with a drunken Wizard? Throw them onto the barge with the captain's daughter! Zenith, a game that really is the pinnacle of comedy. The game is a decent RPG that could use some touch ups, but the overall story really digs into the tropes of RPG games and lands every hit for humor. The story takes place in Fulgur, a fantasy world that doesn't get constrained to the normal, orthodox characters that everybody has been initiated to accept from RPGs.

Awesomenauts Assemble! Review

What do a space cowboy, a giant worm, and Totalbiscuit have in common? They're all part of the AWESOMENAUTS! Who are the Awesomenauts, and why are they assembling? Well, Awesomenauts is a fantastic little lane based side-scrolling shooter that involves destroying your opponents turrets as you battle your way through to try and destroy their drill core. Seems simple, right?

Emily Wants To Play Review

Emily Wants to Play, a game where sorrow and rage meets an active Five Nights at Freddy's. In six hours at Emily's, you play as a Pizza Delivery boy who gets to discover what happens when a pizza is not delivered in thirty minutes or less. You walk into a room filled with flipped furniture and three or four creepy dolls scattered in the halls of a normal urban house. What isn't normal about this house is the fact that a small girl has no intention of giving you an easy out. You must survive the barrage of Emily's dolls as they try to murder you through pre-rendered cutscenes.

Armello Review

As it is likely known by many of you, the strength of the wolf is the pack, but this wolf is flying like Han - solo. Just like Han, I'm going to kill a massive, anthropomorphic lion tyrant that is slowly dying. I may have dreamt that last bit. Welcome to Armello, the board game that is less board and more game.

Valley Review

Welcome to the world of Valley, a small little game that really makes you think. You are an archaeologist that sets out on an expedition for the Lifeseed, an ancient artifact that has the power to shatter the whole world into fragments. When you stumble into the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains, you find a World War 2 era research facility that was working to weaponize the Lifeseed. You use a L.E.A.F. (Leap Effortlessly through Air Functionality) suit to explore the valley and uncover what was going on in the Pendulum facilities.

Grow Up Review

Sometimes your parents try to push you out of the nest early and force you to handle your own problems. Sometimes they crash into a moon and force you to put them back together. You wouldn't believe how often the moon thing happens.

Kingdom: New Lands Review

My kingdom, my kingdom for a hearse! Seriously, there are a lot of dead guys that need to be carried to the graveyard, and I don't have the plague carts from Monty Python. Kingdom: New Lands is a strategy simulation game full of repetition. It follows the philosophy that if you don't succeed, try again. And again.

The Top 5 Games We Wish Were Backward Compatible on Xbox One

When a new generation of games come along, replacing the old, it's hard to let go. You want that one last play of that great game, or maybe that last match with friends before the servers get shut down. Well, Microsoft might not be able to revive old game servers, but they can certainly give publishers the option to revive their games. With the Xbox One giving things a good crack via the Backward Compatible scheme, I can't help but feel there are some games still missing. Like this lot - the top 5 games we wish were available as Backwards Compatible titles on Xbox One...

Happy Dungeons Hands-On Preview

If you're happy and you know it, crawl the dungeon! Happy Dungeons is the newest game from Toylogic, and a semi-sequel to Happy Wars. You play as a person who falls off an island, onto a different island, before being left to protect the princess. You’ll need to fight off goblins as you cut your way through the forest, until you meet the Boss Goblin who thoroughly Goomba stomps you and takes the princess away. You are recruited into the Order of the White Dragon, and must do all the side quests that any reasonable hero would ignore.

Sword Coast Legends Review

I would like to introduce you to a world of pure imag- err... fantasy. This is the world of D&D, and for the mere fact of keeping this shorter than the Scottish law book, I'm not going to go over what the world of D&D is. There is enough lore to keep all of you bibliophiles locked behind doors for a few days, until you stumble out into the light and realise the words have now embedded themselves into your retinas.

Top 5 Survival games on Xbox One

They say that survival of the fittest, whether it be on an island, in an apocalypse, or beneath the sea, is the way humanity survives. Whether this is true or not, I can't say, but the fifty tons of loot that I've gathered from the trail of death behind me is weighing my shoulders down and making it a bit harder to run. I set these guns, clothes and countless piles of ammo down on my side table and wonder about what the best survival games are for my trusty Xbox One.

The Top 5 Fantasy Games on Xbox One

With all the buzz around the games coming from E3, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the best games on Xbox One. Thing is, these aren't just the best games in general, they're the best fantasy games available right now. These games have won a special place in my list because they had that special spark, and even though I really don't like the Witcher 3, it most definitely had spark.

Taking a look at the pros and cons of Xbox Play Anywhere

With E3 done and dusted, Microsoft launched two very big stones into the pool of console gaming. The first was the mysterious Project Scorpio, but the second is one that is far more ready for action. Their Xbox Play Anywhere program. With this new feature you would be able to play your Xbox One games on your PC, or play games you've bought from the Windows 10 store on your Xbox One. With that being said, there surely has to be some restrictions, right?

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Lies of P combine via a new update and DLC

We love Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and we adore Lies of P. So news of a crossover of ideas, alongside some new DLC is something we are totally onboard with. 

eFootball 2024 Review

There’s no doubt eFootball 2024 is a flawed game and, if a measly update is all that’s coming each year, it’s hard to see it ever being worthy of your time.

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 25 – Winter

We get to Winter of Series 25 in the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges and once again a number of new events pop up, requiring some of the fastest cars and best tunes in order for us racers to be able to complete them.

Enjoy even more farming in Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

Available now on Xbox and PC, The Winds of Anthos is not the first Harvest Moon game to be released for the Xbox crowd.

MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE launches for free on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Got a bit of a love for the MY HERO franchise? Want to play a new game for free? It all comes together with MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

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Wild Dogs Review

Wild Dogs may not look like much, and the screenshots make it look like a generic shooter with nostalgia goggles on, but it’s ace.

PAW Patrol World Review

PAW Patrol World isn’t made for us adults. It’s Adventure Bay and surrounding areas, with all of the barriers removed. It’s a glorious playset, the entire TV series ready for kids to reach in and enjoy.

EA Sports FC 24 Review

EA Sports FC 24 has really stepped up for the rebrand and the gameplay is the most interesting it has been in years.

Wildmender Review

Wildmender is a delightful, intuitive survival action-adventure.

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission Review

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission achieves the basics of any Cozycore game.