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Sakra – Film Review

Sakra is a long, two-hour jumble of a martial arts epic, but in that jumble is some wuxia gold.

Sympathy for the Devil – Film Review

Sympathy for the Devil is a compact thriller that makes best use of the few locations and actors that it’s got. It also makes the incredibly wise choice of hiring Nicolas Cage, dialling him up to 8 on the Cage-o-meter, and just letting him go for 90 minutes.

Barbie – Film Review

Don’t make the mistake of expecting a family movie or an easy watch: Barbie is far more weighty and satisfying than the lightweight plastic might imply. Now we wait for more films based on toys, completely misunderstanding why this one was so great.

Death and Taxes Review

Understand what Death and Taxes is trying to do, and it’s a magnitude more fun.

Amazing Superhero Squad Review

Amazing Superhero Squad fluffs it. What should have been a deep and strategic hero simulator is instead a shape-matching game with the shallowest of gameplay puddles to splash around in. We thought being Nick Fury for a day would be fun; as it turns out, it’s as mundane and simple as putting on his eyepatch every morning.

Limb Hunter Review

Limb Hunter is a fierce but fair action-platformer, and its big idea - the ability to swap in and out different robotic limbs - makes it well worth a play. 

Why Pizza? Review

Why Pizza? is a half-and-half pizza; one side that we had to eat with a spoon, the other side a plain old margherita. We’d have rather had a meat feast for this little platformer’s full length.

Minigolf Adventure Review

Oh, Minigolf Adventure, what an unfathomable mess you are.

Deep Diving Adventures Review

Deep Diving Adventures is nothing like real diving. It’s a floating contradiction: somehow, it manages to be both ludicrously fascinating and uncomfortably boring. 

FIFA 22 and a PC phenomenon emerge from the tunnel onto Game Pass today

It was a matter of time before FIFA 22 arrived on Game Pass via Microsoft’s collaboration with EA Play, and so it has proven with its launch today on PC, Console and Cloud. More of a surprise is the arrival of Naraka Bladepoint (Console), which has been doing the business on PC, where it has quietly become a mainstay of the Steam Top 20 Most Played. This might be one to dip a katana into.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Review

Whether your motivation is reclaiming your youth, or exploring the early days of RPGs, then Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!: The Complete Collection will put you under its spell. 

A trilogy of cyberpunk classics hack their way onto Game Pass today

Three forgotten cyberpunk games are ready to play on Game Pass today

Zombo Buster Advance Review

By keeping things simple while simultaneously adding depth, Zombo Buster Advance leapfrogs the original with plenty of air between them.

QUByte Classics – Jim Power: The Lost Dimension Collection by PIKO Review

QUByte Classics - Jim Power: The Lost Dimension Collection by PIKO is a collection to miss, then, and we hope QUByte’s noble intention to preserve older classics finds some worthier targets.

Umurangi Generation Special Edition Review

With more confidence in the world it has created, letting you explore and reveal it at a more relaxed pace, it might have been a winner. As it stands, Umurangi Generation Special Edition is stylish, but with an aftertaste of pain.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 Review

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 is a horror pageturner that you should dip into, just as soon as you’ve finished the first one.

Greedfall, Limbo and three others depart Game Pass today

It’s a bit of a Game Pass exodus today, as several games reach the end of their contracts with Microsoft and quietly abscond into the night. At least we have all those Game Pass announcements from Summer Game Fest to keep us warm.

Living life as the Little Witch in the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods - at least in its Xbox Game Preview state - feels like a game solely constructed out of side quests.

Dandy & Randy DX Review

Dandy & Randy DX is like Grandma’s cooking. You’ve tasted it time and time again over the years, and it doesn’t feel like it’s changed, but it tastes so good.

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eFootball 2024 Review

There’s no doubt eFootball 2024 is a flawed game and, if a measly update is all that’s coming each year, it’s hard to see it ever being worthy of your time.

Get groovin’ with Party Animals on Game Pass, Xbox and PC

Available now on Xbox, Game Pass and PC - a console-exclusive, mind you - Party Animals sees up to eight online players (local split-screen is also available) face off in a variety of crazy fighting matches.

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 25 – Autumn

Week two of Series 25 carries on where week one and Summer left off in Forza Horizon 5, as Autumn blows into Mexico and the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges.

Bluey: The Videogame announced for a November release

Bluey: The Videogame is the first ever video game to feature the little pup, as Outright Games and BBC Studios come together for release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Rule Australia in AFL 23 on Xbox consoles

Whether you are an Aussie Rules novice, or veteran of the sport down under, AFL 23 on Xbox promises to bring new strides to the formula.

Latest Reviews

Fresh Start Review

You should enjoy Fresh Start for what it is - a simple game that numbs the mind for an hour or two.

MythForce Review

After a brilliantly exciting and nostalgic start, MythForce can never quite live up to that opening.

Sakra – Film Review

Sakra is a long, two-hour jumble of a martial arts epic, but in that jumble is some wuxia gold.

Thunder Ray Review

There’s much to love about Thunder Ray. With multiple difficulties and many different foes to learn attack patterns for, you’ll find Thunder Ray lasting as long as you want it to.

Heavy Duty Challenge Review

Heavy Duty challenge is an odd duck. It looks rough but the actual driving experience is engrossing, even if it is not exactly a laugh a minute.