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The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 160 – Will Other Games Adopt the Fortnite Model?

With only two weeks left until E3 2019, news is pretty scarce in the world of gaming. To make up for that, we discuss whether other developers will try to use the wildly successful Fortnite business model to their advantage in other genres, possibly as a way to replace the pay-to-win loot box model. Which games and genres could it work in?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 159 – Xbox and PlayStation Working Together?

This week brought news of Xbox and PlayStation working together to make streaming games in the future more smooth and consistent for everyone around. How optimistic are we about where this new partnership will go? It's not going to be life changing, and they're still competitors, but we talk about what it could mean for the future of gaming.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 158 – Microtransactions, EA Access on PlayStation, and Bethesda E3 Preview

This week, we dig into the legislation proposed in the United States Senate that would severely limit the ability of game developers to include loot box microtransactions in their games.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 157 – The Road to E3 2019 Begins!

This week starts our E3 preview content, as we discuss what we might expect to see from Electronic Arts and Square Enix at this year's show. We cover what they've done at E3 in recent years, talk about what they each need to do there this year, and finally, discuss what we expect to see from them this year.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 138 – New Game Announcements and Which Game Won Game of the Year?

This week, we talk about the announcements and winners from The Game Awards, which took place this past week. There were a fair number of surprises in both new games announced and winners of some of the categories. We discuss and debate both here. Ultimately, was the winner of Game of the Year the right choice?

Bendy and the Ink Machine Review

With a unique art style and enough horror elements to provide more than a few creepy moments, Bendy and the Ink Machine gives a truly unique experience as you progress through the short but fun story. However, at the price tag of £24.99, is this 5-6 hour experience enough to make you feel like it’s worth the purchase? Despite some flaws, the answer for me was an uneasy yes.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 135 – What’s Wrong With Fallout 76?

This week, we discuss the struggles Fallout 76 has had out of the gate after release, ranging from a huge patch to fix a lot of issues in the game to the low review scores it is receiving almost across the board. Graham, our resident Fallout fanboy, gives his thoughts on why he hasn't been drawn into the game yet, and we discuss whether Bethesda can right the ship in time to get gamers bought in to the game.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 134 – PlayStation Skipping E3 and a New Xbox One Console?

This week, we cover the biggest news of the week, starting with the announcement that Sony is skipping E3 2019 in favor of other events they might have throughout the year. We discuss what this means for Xbox and Nintendo, as well as for E3 as a whole.  Also, we debate whether this is fair to PlayStation fans, after Sony is now abandoning PSX and E3.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 132 – Battlefield V and Fanfest III

Battlefield V is here - are we all excited to get our hands on it?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 130 – Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Hype

This week, we're pretty consumed with our excitement over Red Dead Redemption 2, as we dig into the reviews of the game and some of the details about it that make it so special. We talk about whether this will be the game of the generation, and whether or not The Game Awards will even be necessary this year after Rockstar's newest release.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 129 – Looking Forward to Red Dead Redemption 2!

It comes as no surprise that this week's news was dominated by the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of the news was great for the game and for its developer Rockstar, but some wasn't.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 128 – Microsoft Might Acquire Obsidian, Project xCloud Announced and more

This week, we discuss the rumour that Microsoft is about to acquire Obsidian Entertainment. Does this move fill major gaps in Xbox's portfolio? We discuss our favorite Obsidian games and what the developer could bring to the Xbox family. Also, Microsoft announced that the beta for Project xCloud will begin sometime in 2019. What should we expect from the streaming service? Will streaming be the direction video game consoles go in the future?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 127 – Forza Horizon 4 Impressions and a Team Bans Fortnite

This week, we start off by giving our early impressions on the newly released Forza Horizon 4 - does it live up to our hopes and expectations? We discuss what we've played so far, along with some of our favorite features in the game. In news, the author of The Witcher is demanding $16 million from CD Projekt Red. We talk about whether the studio should pay the author more than he originally received for the rights to the franchise.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 126 – Xbox Announces Mouse and Keyboard Support and Sony Reverses on Cross Play

Microsoft had another Inside Xbox this week, and the focus was on the upcoming Forza Horizon 4. How excited are we for the game? Did the Bond Car Pack or the Halo Showcase Event interest us at all? In addition, Phil Spencer stopped by on the broadcast to tell Major Nelson about mouse and keyboard support coming to the Xbox One, and we discuss the implications of that announcement too.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 124 – The Future of Telltale and the PlayStation Classic is Announced

This week, we discuss the newly announced PlayStation Classic console - is it something we wanted? We discuss the games we know are on it, as well as the price point. Also, how much are they capitalizing off of Nintendo's success with classic consoles in both opportunity and name? In other news, Telltale announced a massive change in their business structure and strategy - we talk about what might have led to this as well as what kind of safety net should be in place for developers in the gaming industry.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 122 – Nintendo Direct Reactions and Xbox’s Release Strategy

This week, we break down the latest Nintendo direct, including the announcements of Luigi's Mansion 3, City Skylines and Civilization VI, and a lot of Final Fantasy games coming to the Switch. We also give our thoughts on some of the latest releases, including Spider-Man and NHL 19.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 121 – Early Thoughts on Spider-Man and Battlefield V

The highly anticipated Spider-Man game released on PlayStation 4 - does it live up to the hype? We've gotten a chance to play some of it, and we discuss whether Insomniac delivered another fun experience with their newest release. The Battlefield V beta is also live, and we've all had a chance to play it. We discuss the maps, graphics, and general fun factor in DICE's newest military shooter.

NHL 19 Review

In the later years of the previous console generation, Electronic Arts’ NHL series was one of the premier sports video game franchises available. However, following some missteps at the beginning of this console generation, EA Vancouver has spent the past few years attempting to add in new features and win back the trust of its once loyal fan base.

Madden NFL 19 Review

A mainstay in the sports video game genre, Madden NFL has been one of the most popular sports game franchises for decades. Along with its popularity, the series has also received its share of criticism over the years for not providing a significantly improved experience for players year over year. With Madden NFL 19, developers at EA Tiburon promised a game that would play and feel differently from its recent predecessors. Have Electronic Arts delivered on this promise? In many ways the answer is yes, and Madden 19, while not perfect by any means, provides an enjoyable football experience that both casual and competitive players can have a lot of fun with.

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